CustomPSSMShadowCameraSetup.hh File Reference

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class  CustomGLSLProgramWriter
 This overrides ogre's default GLSLProgramWriter to fix a bug in ogre versions <= 1.8 where 'sampler2DShadow' sampler type is missing. More...
class  CustomGLSLProgramWriterFactory
 A factory to create our own CustomGLSLProgramWriter. More...
class  CustomPSSM3
 Custom PSSM shadow receiver that overrides one deficient method in IntegratedPSSM3. More...
class  CustomPSSM3Factory
 A factory that enables creation of CustomPSSM3 instances. More...
class  CustomPSSMShadowCameraSetup
 Parallel Split Shadow Map (PSSM) shadow camera setup. More...


 Forward declarations for the common classes.
 Rendering namespace.