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Filesystem.hh File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <sdf/sdf_config.h>
#include "sdf/system_util.hh"
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class  sdf::v10::filesystem::DirIter
 A class for iterating over all items in a directory. More...


 namespace for Simulation Description Format parser


template<typename... Args>
std::string sdf::v10::filesystem::append (Args const &... args)
 Append one or more additional path elements to the first passed in argument. More...
SDFORMAT_VISIBLE std::string sdf::v10::filesystem::basename (const std::string &_path)
 Given a path, get just the basename portion. More...
SDFORMAT_VISIBLE bool sdf::v10::filesystem::create_directory (const std::string &_path)
 Create a new directory on the filesystem. More...
SDFORMAT_VISIBLE std::string sdf::v10::filesystem::current_path ()
 Get the current working path. More...
SDFORMAT_VISIBLE bool sdf::v10::filesystem::exists (const std::string &_path)
 Determine whether the given path exists on the filesystem. More...
SDFORMAT_VISIBLE bool sdf::v10::filesystem::is_directory (const std::string &_path)
 Determine whether the given path is a directory. More...
SDFORMAT_VISIBLE std::string const sdf::v10::filesystem::separator (std::string const &_s)
 Append the preferred path separator character for this platform onto the passed-in string. More...