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Pbr.hh File Reference
#include <string>
#include "sdf/Element.hh"
#include "sdf/Types.hh"
#include "sdf/sdf_config.h"
#include "sdf/system_util.hh"
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class  sdf::v10::Pbr
 This class provides access to Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) material workflows. More...
class  sdf::v10::PbrWorkflow
 This class contains Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) workflow properties. More...


 namespace for Simulation Description Format parser


enum  sdf::v10::NormalMapSpace : int { sdf::v10::NormalMapSpace::TANGENT = 0, sdf::v10::NormalMapSpace::OBJECT = 1 }
 Space the normal map is defined in. More...
enum  sdf::v10::PbrWorkflowType : int { sdf::v10::PbrWorkflowType::NONE = 0, sdf::v10::PbrWorkflowType::METAL = 1, sdf::v10::PbrWorkflowType::SPECULAR = 2 }
 Type of PBR workflow. More...