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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NsdfNamespace for Simulation Description Format parser
 CSensorInformation about an SDF sensor
 CDirIterA class for iterating over all items in a directory
 CActorProvides a description of an actor
 CAirPressureAirPressure contains information about a general purpose fluid pressure sensor
 CAltimeterAltimeter contains information about an altimeter sensor
 CAnimationAnimation in Actor
 CAssertionInternalErrorClass for generating Exceptions which come from sdf assertions
 CAtmosphereInformation about an atmospheric model and related parameters such as temperature and pressure at sea level
 CBoxBox represents a box shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 CCameraInformation about a monocular camera sensor
 CCollisionA collision element descibes the collision properties associated with a link
 CColorDefines a color
 CConsoleMessage, error, warning, and logging functionality
 CConsoleStreamAn ostream-like class that we'll use for logging
 CConverterConvert from one version of SDF to another
 CCylinderCylinder represents a cylinder shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 CElementSDF Element class
 CExceptionClass for generating exceptions
 CFrameA Frame element descibes the properties associated with an explicit frame defined in a Model or World
 CGeometryGeometry provides access to a shape, such as a Box
 CImuImu contains information about an imu sensor
 CInertiaA class for inertial information about a link
 CInternalErrorClass for generating Internal Gazebo Errors: those errors which should never happend and represent programming bugs
 CJointAxisParameters related to the axis of rotation for rotational joints, and the axis of translation for prismatic joints
 CLidarLidar contains information about a Lidar sensor
 CLightProvides a description of a light source
 CMagnetometerMagnetometer contains information about a magnetometer sensor
 CMaterialThis class contains visual material properties
 CMeshMesh represents a mesh shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 CNoiseInformation about a noise model, such as a Gaussian distribution
 CParamA parameter class
 CPbrThis class provides access to Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) material workflows
 CPbrWorkflowThis class contains Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) workflow properties
 CPhysicsThe physics element specifies the type and properties of a dynamics engine
 CPlanePlane represents a plane shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 CRootRoot class that acts as an entry point to the SDF document model
 CSDFBase SDF class
 CSemanticPoseSemanticPose is a data structure that can be used by different DOM objects to resolve poses on a PoseRelativeToGraph
 CSphereSphere represents a sphere shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 CTimeA Time class, can be used to hold wall- or sim-time
 CTrajectoryTrajectory for Animation
 CURDF2SDFURDF to SDF converter
 CWaypointWaypoint for Trajectory