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SensorsIface.hh File Reference
#include <string>
#include <sdf/sdf.hh>
#include "gazebo/common/CommonTypes.hh"
#include "gazebo/sensors/SensorTypes.hh"
#include "gazebo/util/system.hh"
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 Forward declarations for the common classes.
 Sensors namespace.


GAZEBO_VISIBLE std::string gazebo::sensors::create_sensor (sdf::ElementPtr _elem, const std::string &_worldName, const std::string &_parentName, uint32_t _parentId)
 Create a sensor using SDF. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE void gazebo::sensors::disable ()
 Disable sensors. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE void gazebo::sensors::enable ()
 Enable sensors. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE bool gazebo::sensors::fini ()
 shutdown the sensor generation loop. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE SensorPtr gazebo::sensors::get_sensor (const std::string &_name)
 Get a sensor using by name. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE bool gazebo::sensors::init ()
 initialize the sensor generation loop. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE bool gazebo::sensors::load ()
 Load the sensor library. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE void gazebo::sensors::remove_sensor (const std::string &_sensorName)
 Remove a sensor by name. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE bool gazebo::sensors::remove_sensors ()
 Remove all sensors. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE void gazebo::sensors::run_once (bool _force=false)
 Run the sensor generation one step. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE void gazebo::sensors::run_threads ()
 Run sensors in a threads. This is a non-blocking call. More...
GAZEBO_VISIBLE void gazebo::sensors::stop ()
 Stop the sensor generation loop. More...