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QtFlagPropertyManager Class Reference

#include <qtpropertymanager.h>

Inheritance diagram for QtFlagPropertyManager:
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Public Slots

void setFlagNames (QtProperty *property, const QStringList &names)
void setValue (QtProperty *property, int val)


void flagNamesChanged (QtProperty *property, const QStringList &names)
void valueChanged (QtProperty *property, int val)
- Signals inherited from QtAbstractPropertyManager
void propertyChanged (QtProperty *property)
void propertyDestroyed (QtProperty *property)
void propertyInserted (QtProperty *property, QtProperty *parent, QtProperty *after)
void propertyRemoved (QtProperty *property, QtProperty *parent)

Public Member Functions

 QtFlagPropertyManager (QObject *parent=0)
 ~QtFlagPropertyManager ()
QStringList flagNames (const QtProperty *property) const
QtBoolPropertyManagersubBoolPropertyManager () const
int value (const QtProperty *property) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QtAbstractPropertyManager
 QtAbstractPropertyManager (QObject *parent=0)
 ~QtAbstractPropertyManager ()
QtPropertyaddProperty (const QString &name=QString())
void clear () const
QSet< QtProperty * > properties () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void initializeProperty (QtProperty *property)
virtual void uninitializeProperty (QtProperty *property)
QString valueText (const QtProperty *property) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QtAbstractPropertyManager
virtual QtPropertycreateProperty ()
virtual QString displayText (const QtProperty *property) const
virtual EchoMode echoMode (const QtProperty *) const
virtual bool hasValue (const QtProperty *property) const
virtual QIcon valueIcon (const QtProperty *property) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QtFlagPropertyManager::QtFlagPropertyManager ( QObject *  parent = 0)
QtFlagPropertyManager::~QtFlagPropertyManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

QStringList QtFlagPropertyManager::flagNames ( const QtProperty property) const
void QtFlagPropertyManager::flagNamesChanged ( QtProperty property,
const QStringList &  names 
virtual void QtFlagPropertyManager::initializeProperty ( QtProperty property)
void QtFlagPropertyManager::setFlagNames ( QtProperty property,
const QStringList &  names 
void QtFlagPropertyManager::setValue ( QtProperty property,
int  val 
QtBoolPropertyManager* QtFlagPropertyManager::subBoolPropertyManager ( ) const
virtual void QtFlagPropertyManager::uninitializeProperty ( QtProperty property)

Reimplemented from QtAbstractPropertyManager.

int QtFlagPropertyManager::value ( const QtProperty property) const
void QtFlagPropertyManager::valueChanged ( QtProperty property,
int  val 
QString QtFlagPropertyManager::valueText ( const QtProperty property) const

Reimplemented from QtAbstractPropertyManager.

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