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QtMetaEnumProvider Class Reference

#include <qtpropertymanager.h>

Public Member Functions

 QtMetaEnumProvider ()
QStringList countryEnumNames (QLocale::Language language) const
void indexToLocale (int languageIndex, int countryIndex, QLocale::Language *language, QLocale::Country *country) const
QSizePolicy::Policy indexToSizePolicy (int index) const
QStringList languageEnumNames () const
void localeToIndex (QLocale::Language language, QLocale::Country country, int *languageIndex, int *countryIndex) const
QStringList policyEnumNames () const
int sizePolicyToIndex (QSizePolicy::Policy policy) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QtMetaEnumProvider::QtMetaEnumProvider ( )

Member Function Documentation

QStringList QtMetaEnumProvider::countryEnumNames ( QLocale::Language  language) const
void QtMetaEnumProvider::indexToLocale ( int  languageIndex,
int  countryIndex,
QLocale::Language *  language,
QLocale::Country *  country 
) const
QSizePolicy::Policy QtMetaEnumProvider::indexToSizePolicy ( int  index) const
QStringList QtMetaEnumProvider::languageEnumNames ( ) const
void QtMetaEnumProvider::localeToIndex ( QLocale::Language  language,
QLocale::Country  country,
int *  languageIndex,
int *  countryIndex 
) const
QStringList QtMetaEnumProvider::policyEnumNames ( ) const
int QtMetaEnumProvider::sizePolicyToIndex ( QSizePolicy::Policy  policy) const

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