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SkyX::VClouds::LightningManager::Listener Class Reference

Listener class. More...

#include <LightningManager.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Listener ()
virtual void lightningAdded (Lightning *l)
 Lightning added. More...

Detailed Description

Listener class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual SkyX::VClouds::LightningManager::Listener::~Listener ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void SkyX::VClouds::LightningManager::Listener::lightningAdded ( Lightning l)

Lightning added.

lLightning that has been added
Useful when, for example, the app needs to known when a Lightning has been created (by manually invoking LightningManager::addLightning(...) or automatically based on the lightning creation probabilities) in order to play a sound, etc. The lightning position is accessible through Lightning::getSceneNode()->getPosition().

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