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gazebo::gui::MainWindow Class Reference

#include <MainWindow.hh>

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Public Slots

void Pause ()
 Pause simulation. More...
void Play ()
 Play simulation. More...


void AddPlugins ()
 A signal to trigger loading of GUI plugins. More...

Public Member Functions

 MainWindow ()
virtual ~MainWindow ()
void AddToLeftColumn (const std::string &_name, QWidget *_widget)
 Add a widget to the left column stack of widgets. More...
unsigned int GetEntityId (const std::string &_name)
RenderWidgetGetRenderWidget () const
 Get a pointer to the render widget. More...
bool HasEntityName (const std::string &_name)
void Init ()
void Load ()
void SetLeftPaneVisibility (bool _on)
 Set whether the left pane is visible. More...
void ShowLeftColumnWidget (const std::string &_name="default")
 Show a widget in the left column. More...
void ShowMenuBar (QMenuBar *_bar=NULL)
 Show a custom menubar. More...

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *_event)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gazebo::gui::MainWindow::MainWindow ( )
virtual gazebo::gui::MainWindow::~MainWindow ( )

Member Function Documentation

void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::AddPlugins ( )

A signal to trigger loading of GUI plugins.

void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::AddToLeftColumn ( const std::string &  _name,
QWidget *  _widget 

Add a widget to the left column stack of widgets.

[in]_nameName of the widget
[in]_widgetPointer to the widget to add.
void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::closeEvent ( QCloseEvent *  _event)
unsigned int gazebo::gui::MainWindow::GetEntityId ( const std::string &  _name)
RenderWidget* gazebo::gui::MainWindow::GetRenderWidget ( ) const

Get a pointer to the render widget.

A pointer to the render widget.
bool gazebo::gui::MainWindow::HasEntityName ( const std::string &  _name)
void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::Init ( )
void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::Load ( )
void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::Pause ( )

Pause simulation.

void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::Play ( )

Play simulation.

void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::SetLeftPaneVisibility ( bool  _on)

Set whether the left pane is visible.

[in]_onTrue to show the left pane, false to hide.
void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::ShowLeftColumnWidget ( const std::string &  _name = "default")

Show a widget in the left column.

See Also
[in]_nameName of the widge to show. The widget must have been added using AddToLeftColumn. The string "default" will show the main tab.
void gazebo::gui::MainWindow::ShowMenuBar ( QMenuBar *  _bar = NULL)

Show a custom menubar.

If NULL is used, the default menubar is shown.

[in]_barThe menubar to show. NULL will show the default menubar.

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