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gazebo::gui::PartData Class Reference

Helper class to store part data. More...

#include <ModelData.hh>

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Public Attributes

bool gravity
 True to enable gravity on part. More...
bool kinematic
 True to make part kinematic. More...
std::string name
 Name of part. More...
rendering::VisualPtr partVisual
 Visual representing this part. More...
math::Pose pose
 Pose of part. More...
bool selfCollide
 True to allow self collision. More...
std::vector< rendering::VisualPtrvisuals
 Visuals of the part. More...

Detailed Description

Helper class to store part data.

Member Data Documentation

bool gazebo::gui::PartData::gravity

True to enable gravity on part.

bool gazebo::gui::PartData::kinematic

True to make part kinematic.

std::string gazebo::gui::PartData::name

Name of part.

rendering::VisualPtr gazebo::gui::PartData::partVisual

Visual representing this part.

math::Pose gazebo::gui::PartData::pose

Pose of part.

bool gazebo::gui::PartData::selfCollide

True to allow self collision.

std::vector<rendering::VisualPtr> gazebo::gui::PartData::visuals

Visuals of the part.

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