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gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate Class Reference

Private data for the Camera class. More...

#include <CameraPrivate.hh>

Public Types

typedef std::list
< boost::shared_ptr
< msgs::CameraCmd const > > 

Public Attributes

transport::SubscriberPtr cmdSub
 Subscribe to camera command topic. More...
CameraCmdMsgs_L commandMsgs
 List of camera cmd messages. More...
DistortionPtr distortion
 Lens distortion model. More...
Ogre::CompositorInstance * dlGBufferInstance
 Deferred lighting geometry buffer. More...
Ogre::CompositorInstance * dlMergeInstance
 Deferred lighting merge compositor. More...
Ogre::CompositorInstance * dsGBufferInstance
 Deferred shading geometry buffer. More...
Ogre::CompositorInstance * dsMergeInstance
 Deferred shading merge compositor. More...
std::deque< std::pair
< math::Pose, double > > 
 Queue of move positions. More...
transport::NodePtr node
 Communication Node. More...
boost::mutex receiveMutex
 Mutex to lock the various message buffers. More...
common::Time renderPeriod
 Render period. More...
Ogre::CompositorInstance * ssaoInstance
 Screen space ambient occlusion compositor. More...
VisualPtr trackedVisual
 Visual that the camera is tracking. More...
common::PID trackVisualPID
 Position PID used to track a visual smoothly. More...
common::PID trackVisualPitchPID
 Pitch PID used to track a visual smoothly. More...
common::PID trackVisualYawPID
 Yaw PID used to track a visual smoothly. More...

Static Public Attributes

static unsigned int cameraCounter
 Counter used to create unique camera names. More...

Detailed Description

Private data for the Camera class.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<boost::shared_ptr<msgs::CameraCmd const> > gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::CameraCmdMsgs_L

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::cameraCounter

Counter used to create unique camera names.

transport::SubscriberPtr gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::cmdSub

Subscribe to camera command topic.

CameraCmdMsgs_L gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::commandMsgs

List of camera cmd messages.

DistortionPtr gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::distortion

Lens distortion model.

Ogre::CompositorInstance* gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::dlGBufferInstance

Deferred lighting geometry buffer.

Ogre::CompositorInstance* gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::dlMergeInstance

Deferred lighting merge compositor.

Ogre::CompositorInstance* gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::dsGBufferInstance

Deferred shading geometry buffer.

Ogre::CompositorInstance* gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::dsMergeInstance

Deferred shading merge compositor.

std::deque<std::pair<math::Pose, double> > gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::moveToPositionQueue

Queue of move positions.

transport::NodePtr gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::node

Communication Node.

boost::mutex gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::receiveMutex

Mutex to lock the various message buffers.

common::Time gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::renderPeriod

Render period.

Ogre::CompositorInstance* gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::ssaoInstance

Screen space ambient occlusion compositor.

VisualPtr gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::trackedVisual

Visual that the camera is tracking.

common::PID gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::trackVisualPID

Position PID used to track a visual smoothly.

common::PID gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::trackVisualPitchPID

Pitch PID used to track a visual smoothly.

common::PID gazebo::rendering::CameraPrivate::trackVisualYawPID

Yaw PID used to track a visual smoothly.

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