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gazebo::rendering::GzTerrainMatGen::SM2Profile Class Reference

Shader model 2 profile target. More...

#include <Heightmap.hh>

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class  ShaderHelperCg
 Keeping the CG shader for reference. More...
class  ShaderHelperGLSL
 Utility class to help with generating shaders for GLSL. More...

Public Member Functions

 SM2Profile (Ogre::TerrainMaterialGenerator *_parent, const Ogre::String &_name, const Ogre::String &_desc)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~SM2Profile ()
 Destructor. More...
Ogre::MaterialPtr generate (const Ogre::Terrain *_terrain)
Ogre::MaterialPtr generateForCompositeMap (const Ogre::Terrain *_terrain)
void UpdateParams (const Ogre::MaterialPtr &_mat, const Ogre::Terrain *_terrain)
void UpdateParamsForCompositeMap (const Ogre::MaterialPtr &_mat, const Ogre::Terrain *_terrain)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addTechnique (const Ogre::MaterialPtr &_mat, const Ogre::Terrain *_terrain, TechniqueType _tt)

Detailed Description

Shader model 2 profile target.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gazebo::rendering::GzTerrainMatGen::SM2Profile::SM2Profile ( Ogre::TerrainMaterialGenerator *  _parent,
const Ogre::String &  _name,
const Ogre::String &  _desc 


virtual gazebo::rendering::GzTerrainMatGen::SM2Profile::~SM2Profile ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual void gazebo::rendering::GzTerrainMatGen::SM2Profile::addTechnique ( const Ogre::MaterialPtr &  _mat,
const Ogre::Terrain *  _terrain,
TechniqueType  _tt 
Ogre::MaterialPtr gazebo::rendering::GzTerrainMatGen::SM2Profile::generate ( const Ogre::Terrain *  _terrain)
Ogre::MaterialPtr gazebo::rendering::GzTerrainMatGen::SM2Profile::generateForCompositeMap ( const Ogre::Terrain *  _terrain)
void gazebo::rendering::GzTerrainMatGen::SM2Profile::UpdateParams ( const Ogre::MaterialPtr &  _mat,
const Ogre::Terrain *  _terrain 
void gazebo::rendering::GzTerrainMatGen::SM2Profile::UpdateParamsForCompositeMap ( const Ogre::MaterialPtr &  _mat,
const Ogre::Terrain *  _terrain 

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