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gazebo::rendering::SelectionBuffer Class Reference

#include <SelectionBuffer.hh>

Public Member Functions

 SelectionBuffer (const std::string &_cameraName, Ogre::SceneManager *_mgr, Ogre::RenderTarget *_renderTarget)
 Constructor. More...
 ~SelectionBuffer ()
 Destructor. More...
Ogre::Entity * OnSelectionClick (int _x, int _y)
 Handle on mouse click. More...
void ShowOverlay (bool _show)
 Debug show overlay. More...
void Update ()
 Call this to update the selection buffer contents. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gazebo::rendering::SelectionBuffer::SelectionBuffer ( const std::string &  _cameraName,
Ogre::SceneManager *  _mgr,
Ogre::RenderTarget *  _renderTarget 


[in]_cameraName of the camera to generate a selection buffer for.
[in]_mgrPointer to the scene manager.
[in]_renderTargetPointer to the render target.
gazebo::rendering::SelectionBuffer::~SelectionBuffer ( )


Member Function Documentation

Ogre::Entity* gazebo::rendering::SelectionBuffer::OnSelectionClick ( int  _x,
int  _y 

Handle on mouse click.

[in]_xX coordinate in pixels.
[in]_yY coordinate in pixels.
Returns the Ogre entity at the coordinate.
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionBuffer::ShowOverlay ( bool  _show)

Debug show overlay.

[in]_showTrue to show the selection buffer in an overlay.
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionBuffer::Update ( )

Call this to update the selection buffer contents.

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