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SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell Struct Reference

Cell struct. More...

#include <DataManager.h>

Public Attributes

bool act
bool cld
float dens
 Continous density. More...
bool hum
 Humidity, phase and cloud. More...
float light
 Light absorcion. More...
float pact
float pext
float phum
 Probabilities. More...

Detailed Description

Cell struct.

Member Data Documentation

bool SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell::act
bool SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell::cld
float SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell::dens

Continous density.

bool SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell::hum

Humidity, phase and cloud.

float SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell::light

Light absorcion.

float SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell::pact
float SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell::pext
float SkyX::VClouds::DataManager::Cell::phum


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