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SkyX::VClouds::VClouds::RenderQueueGroups Struct Reference

Render queue groups. More...

#include <VClouds.h>

Public Member Functions

 RenderQueueGroups (const Ogre::uint8 &vc, const Ogre::uint8 &vcl)
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

Ogre::uint8 vclouds
 VClouds render queue group. More...
Ogre::uint8 vcloudsLightnings
 VClouds lightnings render queue group. More...

Detailed Description

Render queue groups.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SkyX::VClouds::VClouds::RenderQueueGroups::RenderQueueGroups ( const Ogre::uint8 &  vc,
const Ogre::uint8 &  vcl 


vcVClouds render queue group
vclVClouds lightnings render queue group

Member Data Documentation

Ogre::uint8 SkyX::VClouds::VClouds::RenderQueueGroups::vclouds

VClouds render queue group.

Ogre::uint8 SkyX::VClouds::VClouds::RenderQueueGroups::vcloudsLightnings

VClouds lightnings render queue group.

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