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sdf::v11::Sky Class Reference

#include <Sky.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Sky ()
 Default constructor. More...
ignition::math::Color CloudAmbient () const
 Get cloud ambient color. More...
ignition::math::Angle CloudDirection () const
 Get cloud direction angle (angle around up axis) More...
double CloudHumidity () const
 Get cloud humidity. More...
double CloudMeanSize () const
 Get cloud mean size. More...
double CloudSpeed () const
 Get cloud speed. More...
sdf::ElementPtr Element () const
 Get a pointer to the SDF element that was used during load. More...
Errors Load (ElementPtr _sdf)
 Load the sky based on a element pointer. More...
void SetCloudAmbient (const ignition::math::Color &_ambient)
 Set cloud ambient color. More...
void SetCloudDirection (const ignition::math::Angle &_angle)
 Set cloud direction angle (angle around up axis) More...
void SetCloudHumidity (double _humidity)
 Set cloud humidity. More...
void SetCloudMeanSize (double _size)
 Set cloud mean siz. More...
void SetCloudSpeed (double _speed)
 Set cloud speed. More...
void SetSunrise (double _time)
 Set Sunrise time. More...
void SetSunset (double _time)
 Set Sunset time. More...
void SetTime (double _time)
 Set time of day. More...
double Sunrise () const
 Get sunrise time. More...
double Sunset () const
 Get sunset time. More...
double Time () const
 Get time of day [0..24]. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Sky()

sdf::v11::Sky::Sky ( )

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CloudAmbient()

ignition::math::Color sdf::v11::Sky::CloudAmbient ( ) const

Get cloud ambient color.

cloud ambient color

◆ CloudDirection()

ignition::math::Angle sdf::v11::Sky::CloudDirection ( ) const

Get cloud direction angle (angle around up axis)

cloud direction angle in world frame

◆ CloudHumidity()

double sdf::v11::Sky::CloudHumidity ( ) const

Get cloud humidity.

cloud humidity [0..1]

◆ CloudMeanSize()

double sdf::v11::Sky::CloudMeanSize ( ) const

Get cloud mean size.

cloud mean size [0..1]

◆ CloudSpeed()

double sdf::v11::Sky::CloudSpeed ( ) const

Get cloud speed.

cloud speed in meters per second

◆ Element()

sdf::ElementPtr sdf::v11::Sky::Element ( ) const

Get a pointer to the SDF element that was used during load.

SDF element pointer. The value will be nullptr if Load has not been called.

◆ Load()

Errors sdf::v11::Sky::Load ( ElementPtr  _sdf)

Load the sky based on a element pointer.

This is not the usual entry point. Typical usage of the SDF DOM is through the Root object.

[in]_sdfThe SDF Element pointer
Errors, which is a vector of Error objects. Each Error includes an error code and message. An empty vector indicates no error.

◆ SetCloudAmbient()

void sdf::v11::Sky::SetCloudAmbient ( const ignition::math::Color &  _ambient)

Set cloud ambient color.

[in]_ambientcloud ambient color

◆ SetCloudDirection()

void sdf::v11::Sky::SetCloudDirection ( const ignition::math::Angle &  _angle)

Set cloud direction angle (angle around up axis)

[in]_angleCloud direction angle in world frame.

◆ SetCloudHumidity()

void sdf::v11::Sky::SetCloudHumidity ( double  _humidity)

Set cloud humidity.

[in]_humiditycloud humidity [0..1]

◆ SetCloudMeanSize()

void sdf::v11::Sky::SetCloudMeanSize ( double  _size)

Set cloud mean siz.

[in]_sizecloud mean size [0..1]

◆ SetCloudSpeed()

void sdf::v11::Sky::SetCloudSpeed ( double  _speed)

Set cloud speed.

[in]_speedcloud speed in meters per second.

◆ SetSunrise()

void sdf::v11::Sky::SetSunrise ( double  _time)

Set Sunrise time.

[in]_timeSunrise time [0..24]

◆ SetSunset()

void sdf::v11::Sky::SetSunset ( double  _time)

Set Sunset time.

[in]_timeSunset time [0..24]

◆ SetTime()

void sdf::v11::Sky::SetTime ( double  _time)

Set time of day.

[in]_timeTime of day [0..24]

◆ Sunrise()

double sdf::v11::Sky::Sunrise ( ) const

Get sunrise time.

sunrise time [0..24]

◆ Sunset()

double sdf::v11::Sky::Sunset ( ) const

Get sunset time.

sunset time [0..24]

◆ Time()

double sdf::v11::Sky::Time ( ) const

Get time of day [0..24].

Time of day

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