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sdf::v12::ODE Class Reference

ODE information for a friction. More...

#include <Surface.hh>

Public Member Functions

 ODE ()
 Default constructor. More...
sdf::ElementPtr Element () const
 Get a pointer to the SDF element that was used during load. More...
const ignition::math::Vector3d & Fdir1 () const
 Get the fdir. More...
Errors Load (ElementPtr _sdf)
 Load the ODE based on a element pointer. More...
double Mu () const
 Set the Mu. More...
double Mu2 () const
 Get the Mu2. More...
void SetFdir1 (const ignition::math::Vector3d &_fdir)
 Set fdir. More...
void SetMu (double _mu)
 Set Mu. More...
void SetMu2 (double _mu2)
 Set Mu2. More...
void SetSlip1 (double _slip1)
 Set Slip1. More...
void SetSlip2 (double _slip2)
 Set Slip2. More...
double Slip1 () const
 Get the slip1. More...
double Slip2 () const
 Get the Slip2. More...

Detailed Description

ODE information for a friction.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ODE()

sdf::v12::ODE::ODE ( )

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Element()

sdf::ElementPtr sdf::v12::ODE::Element ( ) const

Get a pointer to the SDF element that was used during load.

SDF element pointer. The value will be nullptr if Load has not been called.

◆ Fdir1()

const ignition::math::Vector3d& sdf::v12::ODE::Fdir1 ( ) const

Get the fdir.

ODE fdir

◆ Load()

Errors sdf::v12::ODE::Load ( ElementPtr  _sdf)

Load the ODE based on a element pointer.

This is not the usual entry point. Typical usage of the SDF DOM is through the Root object.

[in]_sdfThe SDF Element pointer
Errors, which is a vector of Error objects. Each Error includes an error code and message. An empty vector indicates no error.

◆ Mu()

double sdf::v12::ODE::Mu ( ) const

Set the Mu.

ODE mu

◆ Mu2()

double sdf::v12::ODE::Mu2 ( ) const

Get the Mu2.

ODE mu2

◆ SetFdir1()

void sdf::v12::ODE::SetFdir1 ( const ignition::math::Vector3d &  _fdir)

Set fdir.

[in]_fdirODE fdir

◆ SetMu()

void sdf::v12::ODE::SetMu ( double  _mu)

Set Mu.

[in]_muODE mu

◆ SetMu2()

void sdf::v12::ODE::SetMu2 ( double  _mu2)

Set Mu2.

[in]_mu2ODE mu2

◆ SetSlip1()

void sdf::v12::ODE::SetSlip1 ( double  _slip1)

Set Slip1.

[in]_slip1ODE Slip1

◆ SetSlip2()

void sdf::v12::ODE::SetSlip2 ( double  _slip2)

Set Slip2.

[in]_slip2ODE Slip2

◆ Slip1()

double sdf::v12::ODE::Slip1 ( ) const

Get the slip1.

ODE slip1

◆ Slip2()

double sdf::v12::ODE::Slip2 ( ) const

Get the Slip2.

ODE Slip2

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