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parser.hh File Reference
#include <tinyxml.h>
#include <string>
#include "gazebo/sdf/interface/SDF.hh"
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namespace  sdf
 namespace for Simulation Description Format parser


void sdf::addNestedModel (ElementPtr _sdf, ElementPtr _includeSDF)
void sdf::copyChildren (ElementPtr _sdf, TiXmlElement *_xml)
bool sdf::init (SDFPtr _sdf)
 Init based on the installed sdf_format.xml file.
bool sdf::initDoc (TiXmlDocument *_xmlDoc, SDFPtr _sdf)
bool sdf::initDoc (TiXmlDocument *_xmlDoc, ElementPtr _sdf)
bool sdf::initFile (const std::string &_filename, SDFPtr _sdf)
bool sdf::initFile (const std::string &_filename, ElementPtr _sdf)
bool sdf::initString (const std::string &_xmlString, SDFPtr _sdf)
bool sdf::initXml (TiXmlElement *_xml, ElementPtr _sdf)
bool sdf::readDoc (TiXmlDocument *_xmlDoc, SDFPtr _sdf, const std::string &_source)
 Populate the SDF values from a TinyXML document.
bool sdf::readDoc (TiXmlDocument *_xmlDoc, ElementPtr _sdf, const std::string &_source)
bool sdf::readFile (const std::string &_filename, SDFPtr _sdf)
 Populate the SDF values from a file.
bool sdf::readString (const std::string &_xmlString, SDFPtr _sdf)
 Populate the SDF values from a string.
bool sdf::readString (const std::string &_xmlString, ElementPtr _sdf)
bool sdf::readXml (TiXmlElement *_xml, ElementPtr _sdf)