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gazebo::common::ColladaExporterPrivate Class Reference

Private data for the ColladaExporter class. More...

#include <ColladaExporterPrivate.hh>

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Public Attributes

bool exportTextures
 True to export texture images to '../materials/textures' folder. More...
std::string filename
 File name. More...
unsigned int materialCount
 Material count. More...
const Meshmesh
 Gazebo mesh. More...
std::string path
 File path. More...
unsigned int subMeshCount
 SubMesh count. More...

Detailed Description

Private data for the ColladaExporter class.

Member Data Documentation

bool gazebo::common::ColladaExporterPrivate::exportTextures

True to export texture images to '../materials/textures' folder.

std::string gazebo::common::ColladaExporterPrivate::filename

File name.

unsigned int gazebo::common::ColladaExporterPrivate::materialCount

Material count.

const Mesh* gazebo::common::ColladaExporterPrivate::mesh

Gazebo mesh.

std::string gazebo::common::ColladaExporterPrivate::path

File path.

unsigned int gazebo::common::ColladaExporterPrivate::subMeshCount

SubMesh count.

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