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Gazebo API Reference

This documentation provides useful information about the Gazebo API. The code reference is divided into the groups below. Should you find problems with this documentation - typos, unclear phrases, or insufficient detail - please create a new bitbucket issue. Include sufficient detail to quickly locate the problematic documentation, and set the issue's fields accordingly: Assignee - blank; Kind - bug; Priority - minor; Version - blank.


List - Index of all classes in Gazebo, organized alphabetically

Hierarchy - Index of classes, organized hierachically according to their inheritance


Common: Classes and files used ubiquitously across Gazebo

Events: For creating and destroying Gazebo events

Math: A set of classes that encapsulate math related properties and functions.

Messages: All messages and helper functions.

Physics: Classes for physics and dynamics

Rendering: A set of rendering related class, functions, and definitions.

Sensors: A set of sensor classes, functions, and definitions.

Transport: Handles transportation of messages.


Website: The main gazebo website, which contains news, downloads, and contact information.

Wiki: A collection of user supported documentation.

Tutorials: Tutorials that describe how to use Gazebo and implement your own simulations.

Download: How to download and install Gazebo