Mesh Member List

This is the complete list of members for Mesh, including all inherited members.

AddMaterial(Material *_mat)Mesh
AddSubMesh(SubMesh *_child)Mesh
Center(const ignition::math::Vector3d &_center=ignition::math::Vector3d::Zero)Mesh
FillArrays(float **_vertArr, int **_indArr) const Mesh
GenSphericalTexCoord(const ignition::math::Vector3d &_center)Mesh
GetAABB(ignition::math::Vector3d &_center, ignition::math::Vector3d &_minXYZ, ignition::math::Vector3d &_maxXYZ) const Mesh
GetIndexCount() const Mesh
GetMaterial(int _index) const Mesh
GetMaterialCount() const Mesh
GetMaterialIndex(const Material *_mat) const Mesh
GetName() const Mesh
GetNormalCount() const Mesh
GetPath() const Mesh
GetSkeleton() const Mesh
GetSubMesh(unsigned int _i) const Mesh
GetSubMesh(const std::string &_name) const Mesh
GetSubMeshCount() const Mesh
GetTexCoordCount() const Mesh
GetVertexCount() const Mesh
HasSkeleton() const Mesh
Max() const Mesh
Min() const Mesh
Scale(double _factor)Mesh
SetName(const std::string &_n)Mesh
SetPath(const std::string &_path)Mesh
SetScale(const ignition::math::Vector3d &_factor)Mesh
SetSkeleton(Skeleton *_skel)Mesh
Translate(const ignition::math::Vector3d &_vec)Mesh