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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Csdf::v9::ActorProvides a description of an actor
 Csdf::v9::AirPressureAirPressure contains information about a general purpose fluid pressure sensor
 Csdf::v9::AltimeterAltimeter contains information about an altimeter sensor
 Csdf::v9::AnimationAnimation in Actor
 Csdf::v9::AtmosphereInformation about an atmospheric model and related parameters such as temperature and pressure at sea level
 Csdf::v9::BoxBox represents a box shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 Csdf::v9::CameraInformation about a monocular camera sensor
 Csdf::v9::CollisionA collision element descibes the collision properties associated with a link
 Csdf::v9::ColorDefines a color
 Csdf::v9::ConsoleMessage, error, warning, and logging functionality
 Csdf::v9::Console::ConsoleStreamAn ostream-like class that we'll use for logging
 Csdf::v9::ContactContact information for a surface
 Csdf::v9::CylinderCylinder represents a cylinder shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 Csdf::v9::filesystem::DirIterA class for iterating over all items in a directory
 Csdf::v9::ElementSDF Element class
 Csdf::v9::ExceptionClass for generating exceptions
 Csdf::v9::InternalErrorClass for generating Internal Gazebo Errors: those errors which should never happend and represent programming bugs
 Csdf::v9::AssertionInternalErrorClass for generating Exceptions which come from sdf assertions
 Csdf::v9::FrameA Frame element descibes the properties associated with an explicit frame defined in a Model or World
 Csdf::v9::GeometryGeometry provides access to a shape, such as a Box
 Csdf::v9::ImuImu contains information about an imu sensor
 Csdf::v9::InertiaA class for inertial information about a link
 Csdf::v9::JointAxisParameters related to the axis of rotation for rotational joints, and the axis of translation for prismatic joints
 Csdf::v9::LidarLidar contains information about a Lidar sensor
 Csdf::v9::LightProvides a description of a light source
 Csdf::v9::MagnetometerMagnetometer contains information about a magnetometer sensor
 Csdf::v9::MaterialThis class contains visual material properties
 Csdf::v9::MeshMesh represents a mesh shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 Csdf::v9::NoiseInformation about a noise model, such as a Gaussian distribution
 Csdf::v9::ParamA parameter class
 Csdf::v9::ParamStreamer< T >
 Csdf::v9::PbrThis class provides access to Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) material workflows
 Csdf::v9::PbrWorkflowThis class contains Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) workflow properties
 Csdf::v9::PhysicsThe physics element specifies the type and properties of a dynamics engine
 Csdf::v9::PlanePlane represents a plane shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 Csdf::v9::RootRoot class that acts as an entry point to the SDF document model
 Csdf::v9::SDFBase SDF class
 Csdf::v9::SemanticPoseSemanticPose is a data structure that can be used by different DOM objects to resolve poses on a PoseRelativeToGraph
 Csdf::SDF_VERSION_NAMESPACE::SensorInformation about an SDF sensor
 Csdf::v9::SphereSphere represents a sphere shape, and is usually accessed through a Geometry
 Csdf::v9::SurfaceSurface information for a collision
 Csdf::v9::TimeA Time class, can be used to hold wall- or sim-time
 Csdf::v9::TrajectoryTrajectory for Animation
 Csdf::v9::WaypointWaypoint for Trajectory