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gazebo::physics::CollisionState Class Reference

Store state information of a physics::Collision object. More...

#include <physics/phyiscs.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gazebo::physics::CollisionState:
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Public Member Functions

 CollisionState ()
 Default constructor.
 CollisionState (const CollisionPtr _collision)
virtual ~CollisionState ()
math::Pose GetPose () const
 Get the Collision pose.
virtual void Load (sdf::ElementPtr _elem)
 Load state from SDF element.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gazebo::physics::State
 State ()
 Default constructor.
 State (const std::string &_name, const common::Time &_realTime, const common::Time &_simTime)
virtual ~State ()
std::string GetName () const
 Get the name associated with this State.
common::Time GetRealTime () const
 Get the real time when this state was generated.
common::Time GetSimTime () const
 Get the sim time when this state was generated.
common::Time GetWallTime () const
 Get the wall time when this state was generated.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from gazebo::physics::State
std::string name
 Name associated with this State.
common::Time realTime
common::Time simTime
common::Time wallTime
 Times for the state data.

Detailed Description

Store state information of a physics::Collision object.

This class captures the entire state of a Collision at one specific time during a simulation run.

State of a Collision is its Pose.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gazebo::physics::CollisionState::CollisionState ( )

Default constructor.

gazebo::physics::CollisionState::CollisionState ( const CollisionPtr  _collision)


Build a CollisionState from an existing Collision.

[in]_modelPointer to the Link from which to gather state info.
virtual gazebo::physics::CollisionState::~CollisionState ( )


Member Function Documentation

math::Pose gazebo::physics::CollisionState::GetPose ( ) const

Get the Collision pose.

virtual void gazebo::physics::CollisionState::Load ( sdf::ElementPtr  _elem)

Load state from SDF element.

Load CollisionState information from stored data in and SDF::Element

[in]_elemPointer to the SDF::Element containing state info.

Implements gazebo::physics::State.

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