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sdf::Param Class Referenceabstract

A parameter class. More...

#include <Param.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 Param (Param *_newParam)
virtual ~Param ()
virtual ParamClone () const =0
bool Get (bool &_value)
bool Get (int &_value)
bool Get (unsigned int &_value)
bool Get (float &_value)
bool Get (double &_value)
bool Get (char &_value)
bool Get (std::string &_value)
bool Get (gazebo::math::Vector3 &_value)
bool Get (gazebo::math::Vector2i &_value)
bool Get (gazebo::math::Vector2d &_value)
bool Get (gazebo::math::Quaternion &_value)
bool Get (gazebo::math::Pose &_value)
bool Get (gazebo::common::Color &_value)
bool Get (gazebo::common::Time &_value)
virtual std::string GetAsString () const
 Get the type.
virtual std::string GetDefaultAsString () const
std::string GetDescription () const
 Get the description of the parameter.
const std::string & GetKey () const
bool GetRequired () const
bool GetSet () const
 Return true if the parameter has been set.
std::string GetTypeName () const
bool IsBool () const
bool IsChar () const
bool IsColor () const
bool IsDouble () const
bool IsFloat () const
bool IsInt () const
bool IsPose () const
bool IsQuaternion () const
bool IsStr () const
bool IsTime () const
bool IsUInt () const
bool IsVector2d () const
bool IsVector2i () const
bool IsVector3 () const
virtual void Reset ()=0
 Reset the parameter.
bool Set (const bool &_value)
bool Set (const int &_value)
bool Set (const unsigned int &_value)
bool Set (const float &_value)
bool Set (const double &_value)
bool Set (const char &_value)
bool Set (const std::string &_value)
bool Set (const char *_value)
bool Set (const gazebo::math::Vector3 &_value)
bool Set (const gazebo::math::Vector2i &_value)
bool Set (const gazebo::math::Vector2d &_value)
bool Set (const gazebo::math::Quaternion &_value)
bool Set (const gazebo::math::Pose &_value)
bool Set (const gazebo::common::Color &_value)
bool Set (const gazebo::common::Time &_value)
void SetDescription (const std::string &_desc)
 Set the description of the parameter.
virtual bool SetFromString (const std::string &)
 Set the parameter value from a string.
template<typename T >
void SetUpdateFunc (T _updateFunc)
 Update function.
virtual void Update ()=0

Protected Attributes

std::string description
std::string key
bool required
bool set
std::string typeName
boost::function< boost::any()> updateFunc

Detailed Description

A parameter class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sdf::Param::Param ( Param _newParam)


virtual sdf::Param::~Param ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual Param* sdf::Param::Clone ( ) const
pure virtual
bool sdf::Param::Get ( bool &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( int &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( unsigned int &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( float &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( double &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( char &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( std::string &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( gazebo::math::Vector3 _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( gazebo::math::Vector2i _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( gazebo::math::Vector2d _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( gazebo::math::Quaternion _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( gazebo::math::Pose _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( gazebo::common::Color _value)
bool sdf::Param::Get ( gazebo::common::Time _value)
virtual std::string sdf::Param::GetAsString ( ) const

Get the type.

Reimplemented in sdf::ParamT< T >, and sdf::ParamT< std::string >.

virtual std::string sdf::Param::GetDefaultAsString ( ) const
std::string sdf::Param::GetDescription ( ) const

Get the description of the parameter.

const std::string& sdf::Param::GetKey ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::GetRequired ( ) const

References required.

bool sdf::Param::GetSet ( ) const

Return true if the parameter has been set.

std::string sdf::Param::GetTypeName ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsBool ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsChar ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsColor ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsDouble ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsFloat ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsInt ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsPose ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsQuaternion ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsStr ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsTime ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsUInt ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsVector2d ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsVector2i ( ) const
bool sdf::Param::IsVector3 ( ) const
virtual void sdf::Param::Reset ( )
pure virtual

Reset the parameter.

Implemented in sdf::ParamT< T >, and sdf::ParamT< std::string >.

bool sdf::Param::Set ( const bool &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const int &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const unsigned int &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const float &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const double &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const char &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const std::string &  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const char *  _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const gazebo::math::Vector3 _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const gazebo::math::Vector2i _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const gazebo::math::Vector2d _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const gazebo::math::Quaternion _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const gazebo::math::Pose _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const gazebo::common::Color _value)
bool sdf::Param::Set ( const gazebo::common::Time _value)
void sdf::Param::SetDescription ( const std::string &  _desc)

Set the description of the parameter.

virtual bool sdf::Param::SetFromString ( const std::string &  )

Set the parameter value from a string.

Reimplemented in sdf::ParamT< T >, and sdf::ParamT< std::string >.

template<typename T >
void sdf::Param::SetUpdateFunc ( _updateFunc)

Update function.

References updateFunc.

virtual void sdf::Param::Update ( )
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

std::string sdf::Param::description
std::string sdf::Param::key
bool sdf::Param::required
bool sdf::Param::set
std::string sdf::Param::typeName
boost::function<boost::any ()> sdf::Param::updateFunc

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