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gazebo::physics::SphereShape Class Reference

Sphere collision shape. More...

#include <physics/physics.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gazebo::physics::SphereShape:
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Public Member Functions

 SphereShape (CollisionPtr _parent)
virtual ~SphereShape ()
virtual void FillMsg (msgs::Geometry &_msg)
 Fill in the values for a geomertry message.
double GetRadius () const
 Get the sphere's radius.
virtual void Init ()
 Initialize the sphere.
virtual void ProcessMsg (const msgs::Geometry &_msg)
 Process a geometry message.
virtual void SetRadius (double _radius)
 Set the size.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gazebo::physics::Shape
 Shape (CollisionPtr _parent)
virtual ~Shape ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from gazebo::physics::Base
 Base (BasePtr _parent)
virtual ~Base ()
void AddChild (BasePtr _child)
 Add a child to this entity.
void AddType (EntityType _type)
 Add a type specifier.
virtual void Fini ()
 Finialize the object.
BasePtr GetById (unsigned int _id) const
 This is an internal function.
BasePtr GetByName (const std::string &_name)
 Get by name.
BasePtr GetChild (unsigned int _i) const
 Get a child by index.
BasePtr GetChild (const std::string &_name)
 Get a child by name.
unsigned int GetChildCount () const
 Get the number of children.
unsigned int GetId () const
 Return the ID of this entity.
std::string GetName () const
 Return the name of the entity.
BasePtr GetParent () const
 Get the parent.
int GetParentId () const
 Return the ID of the parent.
bool GetSaveable () const
 Get whether the object should be "saved", when the user selects to save the world to xml.
std::string GetScopedName () const
 Return the name of this entity with the model scope world::model1::...::modelN::entityName.
virtual const sdf::ElementPtr GetSDF ()
 Get the SDF values for the object.
unsigned int GetType () const
 Get the full type definition.
const WorldPtrGetWorld () const
 Get the World this object is in.
bool HasType (const EntityType &_t) const
 Returns true if this object's type definition has the given type.
bool IsSelected () const
 True if the entity is selected by the user.
virtual void Load (sdf::ElementPtr _sdf)
bool operator== (const Base &_ent) const
 Returns true if the entities are the same.
void Print (const std::string &_prefix)
 Print this object to screen via gzmsg.
virtual void RemoveChild (unsigned int _id)
 Remove a child from this entity.
void RemoveChild (const std::string &_name)
 Remove a child by name.
void RemoveChildren ()
 Remove all children.
virtual void Reset ()
 Reset the object.
virtual void Reset (Base::EntityType _resetType)
 Calls recursive Reset on one of the Base::EntityType's.
virtual void SetName (const std::string &_name)
 Set the name of the entity.
void SetParent (BasePtr _parent)
 Set the parent.
void SetSaveable (bool _v)
 Set whether the object should be "saved", when the user selects to save the world to xml.
virtual bool SetSelected (bool _show)
 Set whether this entity has been selected by the user through the gui.
void SetWorld (const WorldPtr &_newWorld)
 Set the world this object belongs to.
virtual void Update ()
 Update the object.
virtual void UpdateParameters (sdf::ElementPtr _sdf)
 Update the parameters using new sdf values.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gazebo::physics::Base
enum  EntityType {
  BASE = 0x00000000, ENTITY = 0x00000001, MODEL = 0x00000002, LINK = 0x00000004,
  COLLISION = 0x00000008, ACTOR = 0x00000016, LIGHT = 0x00000010, VISUAL = 0x00000020,
  JOINT = 0x00000040, BALL_JOINT = 0x00000080, HINGE2_JOINT = 0x00000100, HINGE_JOINT = 0x00000200,
  SLIDER_JOINT = 0x00000400, SCREW_JOINT = 0x00000800, UNIVERSAL_JOINT = 0x00001000, SHAPE = 0x00002000,
  BOX_SHAPE = 0x00004000, CYLINDER_SHAPE = 0x00008000, HEIGHTMAP_SHAPE = 0x00010000, MAP_SHAPE = 0x00020000,
  MULTIRAY_SHAPE = 0x00040000, RAY_SHAPE = 0x00080000, PLANE_SHAPE = 0x00100000, SPHERE_SHAPE = 0x00200000,
  MESH_SHAPE = 0x00400000, SENSOR_COLLISION = 0x00800000
 Unique identifiers for all entity types. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gazebo::physics::Base
void ComputeScopedName ()
 Compute the scoped name of this object based on its parents.
- Protected Attributes inherited from gazebo::physics::Shape
CollisionPtr collisionParent
 This shape's collision parent.

Detailed Description

Sphere collision shape.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gazebo::physics::SphereShape::SphereShape ( CollisionPtr  _parent)


[in]_parentParent collision object.
virtual gazebo::physics::SphereShape::~SphereShape ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual void gazebo::physics::SphereShape::FillMsg ( msgs::Geometry &  _msg)

Fill in the values for a geomertry message.

[out]_msgThe geometry message to fill.

Implements gazebo::physics::Shape.

double gazebo::physics::SphereShape::GetRadius ( ) const

Get the sphere's radius.

Radius of the sphere.
virtual void gazebo::physics::SphereShape::Init ( )

Initialize the sphere.

Implements gazebo::physics::Shape.

virtual void gazebo::physics::SphereShape::ProcessMsg ( const msgs::Geometry &  _msg)

Process a geometry message.

[in]_msgThe message to set values from.

Implements gazebo::physics::Shape.

virtual void gazebo::physics::SphereShape::SetRadius ( double  _radius)

Set the size.

[in]_radiusRadius of the sphere.

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