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gazebo::physics Namespace Reference

namespace for physics More...


class  Actor
 Actor class enables GPU based mesh model / skeleton scriptable animation. More...
class  BallJoint
 Base class for a ball joint. More...
class  Base
 Base class for most physics classes. More...
class  BoxShape
 Box geometry primitive. More...
class  Collision
 Base class for all collision entities. More...
class  CollisionState
 Store state information of a physics::Collision object. More...
class  Contact
 A contact between two collisions. More...
class  ContactManager
 Aggregates all the contact information generated by the collision detection engine. More...
class  ContactPublisher
 A custom contact publisher created for each contact filter in the Contact Manager. More...
class  CylinderShape
 Cylinder collision. More...
class  Entity
 Base class for all physics objects in Gazebo. More...
class  Gripper
 A gripper abstraction. More...
class  HeightmapShape
 HeightmapShape collision shape builds a heightmap from an image. More...
class  Hinge2Joint
 A two axis hinge joint. More...
class  HingeJoint
 A single axis hinge joint. More...
class  Inertial
 A class for inertial information about a link. More...
class  Joint
 Base class for all joints. More...
class  JointController
 A class for manipulating physics::Joint. More...
class  JointState
 keeps track of state of a physics::Joint More...
class  JointWrench
 Wrench information from a joint. More...
class  Link
 Link class defines a rigid body entity, containing information on inertia, visual and collision properties of a rigid body. More...
class  LinkState
 Store state information of a physics::Link object. More...
class  MeshShape
 Triangle mesh collision shape. More...
class  Model
 A model is a collection of links, joints, and plugins. More...
class  ModelState
 Store state information of a physics::Model object. More...
class  MultiRayShape
 Laser collision contains a set of ray-collisions, structured to simulate a laser range scanner. More...
class  PhysicsEngine
 Base class for a physics engine. More...
class  PhysicsFactory
 The physics factory instantiates different physics engines. More...
class  PlaneShape
 Collision for an infinite plane. More...
class  RayShape
 Base class for Ray collision geometry. More...
class  Road
 for building a Road from SDF More...
class  ScrewJoint
 A screw joint, which has both prismatic and rotational DOFs. More...
class  Shape
 Base class for all shapes. More...
class  SliderJoint
 A slider joint. More...
class  SphereShape
 Sphere collision shape. More...
class  State
 State of an entity. More...
class  SurfaceParams
 SurfaceParams defines various Surface contact parameters. More...
struct  TrajectoryInfo
class  UniversalJoint
 A universal joint. More...
class  World
 The world provides access to all other object within a simulated environment. More...
class  WorldState
 Store state information of a physics::World object. More...


typedef std::vector< ActorPtrActor_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr< ActorActorPtr
typedef std::vector< BasePtrBase_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr< BaseBasePtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< BoxShape
typedef std::vector< CollisionPtrCollision_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Collision
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Contact
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< CylinderShape
typedef boost::shared_ptr< EntityEntityPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< HeightmapShape
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Inertial
typedef std::vector< JointPtrJoint_V
typedef std::vector
< JointControllerPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< JointController
typedef boost::shared_ptr< JointJointPtr
typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef std::vector< LinkPtrLink_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr< LinkLinkPtr
typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< MeshShape
typedef std::vector< ModelPtrModel_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr< ModelModelPtr
typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< MultiRayShape
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< PhysicsEngine
typedef PhysicsEnginePtr(* PhysicsFactoryFn )(WorldPtr world)
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< RayShape
typedef boost::shared_ptr< RoadRoadPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< ShapeShapePtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< SphereShape
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< SurfaceParams
typedef boost::shared_ptr< WorldWorldPtr


WorldPtr create_world (const std::string &_name="")
 Create a world given a name.
bool fini ()
 Finalize transport by calling gazebo::transport::fini.
WorldPtr get_world (const std::string &_name="")
 Returns a pointer to a world by name.
void init_world (WorldPtr _world)
 Init world given a pointer to it.
void init_worlds ()
 initialize multiple worlds stored in static variable gazebo::g_worlds
bool load ()
 Setup gazebo::SystemPlugin's and call gazebo::transport::init.
void load_world (WorldPtr _world, sdf::ElementPtr _sdf)
 Load world from sdf::Element pointer.
void load_worlds (sdf::ElementPtr _sdf)
 load multiple worlds from single sdf::Element pointer
void pause_world (WorldPtr _world, bool _pause)
 Pause world by calling World::SetPaused.
void pause_worlds (bool pause)
 pause multiple worlds stored in static variable gazebo::g_worlds
void remove_worlds ()
 remove multiple worlds stored in static variable gazebo::g_worlds
void run_world (WorldPtr _world, unsigned int _iterations=0)
 Run world by calling World::Run() given a pointer to it.
void run_worlds (unsigned int _iterations=0)
 Run multiple worlds stored in static variable gazebo::g_worlds.
void stop_world (WorldPtr _world)
 Stop world by calling World::Stop() given a pointer to it.
void stop_worlds ()
 stop multiple worlds stored in static variable gazebo::g_worlds
bool worlds_running ()
 Return true if any world is running.


static std::string EntityTypename []
 String names for the different entity types.

Detailed Description

namespace for physics

Physics forward declarations and type defines.

physics namespace

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<ActorPtr> gazebo::physics::Actor_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Actor> gazebo::physics::ActorPtr
typedef std::vector<BasePtr> gazebo::physics::Base_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Base> gazebo::physics::BasePtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<BoxShape> gazebo::physics::BoxShapePtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Collision> gazebo::physics::CollisionPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Contact> gazebo::physics::ContactPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Entity> gazebo::physics::EntityPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Inertial> gazebo::physics::InertialPtr
typedef std::vector<JointPtr> gazebo::physics::Joint_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Joint> gazebo::physics::JointPtr
typedef std::map<std::string, JointState> gazebo::physics::JointState_M
typedef std::vector<LinkPtr> gazebo::physics::Link_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Link> gazebo::physics::LinkPtr
typedef std::map<std::string, LinkState> gazebo::physics::LinkState_M
typedef boost::shared_ptr<MeshShape> gazebo::physics::MeshShapePtr
typedef std::vector<ModelPtr> gazebo::physics::Model_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Model> gazebo::physics::ModelPtr
typedef std::map<std::string, ModelState> gazebo::physics::ModelState_M
typedef boost::shared_ptr<RayShape> gazebo::physics::RayShapePtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Road> gazebo::physics::RoadPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Shape> gazebo::physics::ShapePtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<SphereShape> gazebo::physics::SphereShapePtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<World> gazebo::physics::WorldPtr