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gazebo::rendering::RFIDTagVisual Class Reference

Visualization for RFID tags sensor. More...

#include <rendering/rendering.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gazebo::rendering::RFIDTagVisual:
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Public Member Functions

 RFIDTagVisual (const std::string &_name, VisualPtr _vis, const std::string &_topicName)
virtual ~RFIDTagVisual ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from gazebo::rendering::Visual
 Visual (const std::string &_name, VisualPtr _parent, bool _useRTShader=true)
 Visual (const std::string &_name, ScenePtr _scene, bool _useRTShader=true)
virtual ~Visual ()
void AttachAxes ()
 Attach visualization axes.
void AttachLineVertex (DynamicLines *_line, unsigned int _index)
 Attach a vertex of a line to the position of the visual.
Ogre::MovableObject * AttachMesh (const std::string &_meshName, const std::string &_subMesh="", bool _centerSubmesh=false, const std::string &_objName="")
 Attach a mesh to this visual by name.
void AttachObject (Ogre::MovableObject *_obj)
 Attach a renerable object to the visual.
void AttachVisual (VisualPtr _vis)
 Attach a visual to this visual.
void ClearParent ()
 Clear parents.
VisualPtr Clone (const std::string &_name, VisualPtr _newParent)
 Clone the visual with a new name.
DynamicLinesCreateDynamicLine (RenderOpType _type=RENDERING_LINE_STRIP)
 Add a line to the visual.
void DeleteDynamicLine (DynamicLines *_line)
 Delete a dynamic line.
void DetachObjects ()
 Detach all objects.
void DetachVisual (VisualPtr _vis)
 Detach a visual.
void DetachVisual (const std::string &_name)
 Detach a visual.
void DisableTrackVisual ()
 Disable tracking of a visual.
void EnableTrackVisual (VisualPtr _vis)
 Set one visual to track/follow another.
void Fini ()
 Helper for the destructor.
unsigned int GetAttachedObjectCount () const
 Return the number of attached movable objects.
math::Box GetBoundingBox () const
 Get the bounding box for the visual.
VisualPtr GetChild (unsigned int _index)
 Get an attached visual based on an index.
unsigned int GetChildCount ()
 Get the number of attached visuals.
std::string GetMaterialName () const
 Get the name of the material.
std::string GetMeshName () const
 The name of the mesh set in the visual's SDF.
std::string GetName () const
 Get the name of the visual.
std::string GetNormalMap () const
 Get the normal map.
VisualPtr GetParent () const
 Get the parent visual, if one exists.
math::Pose GetPose () const
 Get the pose of the visual.
math::Vector3 GetPosition () const
 Get the position of the visual.
VisualPtr GetRootVisual ()
 Get the root visual.
math::Quaternion GetRotation () const
 Get the rotation of the visual.
math::Vector3 GetScale ()
 Get the scale.
ScenePtr GetScene () const
 Get current.
Ogre::SceneNode * GetSceneNode () const
 Return the scene Node of this visual entity.
std::string GetShaderType () const
 Get the shader type.
std::string GetSubMeshName () const
 Get the name of the sub mesh set in the visual's SDF.
float GetTransparency ()
 Get the transparency.
uint32_t GetVisibilityFlags ()
 Get visibility flags for this visual and all children.
bool GetVisible () const
 Get whether the visual is visible.
math::Pose GetWorldPose () const
 Get the global pose of the node.
bool HasAttachedObject (const std::string &_name)
 Returns true if an object with _name is attached.
void Init ()
 Helper for the contructor.
void InsertMesh (const std::string &_meshName, const std::string &_subMesh="", bool _centerSubmesh=false)
 Insert a mesh into Ogre.
bool IsPlane () const
 Return true if the visual is a plane.
bool IsStatic () const
 Return true if the visual is a static geometry.
void Load (sdf::ElementPtr _sdf)
 Load the visual with a set of parameters.
virtual void Load ()
 Load the visual with default parameters.
void LoadFromMsg (ConstVisualPtr &_msg)
 Load from a message.
void LoadPlugin (const std::string &_filename, const std::string &_name, sdf::ElementPtr _sdf)
 Load a plugin.
void MakeStatic ()
 Make the visual objects static renderables.
void MoveToPosition (const math::Pose &_pose, double _time)
 Move to a pose and over a given time.
void MoveToPositions (const std::vector< math::Pose > &_pts, double _time, boost::function< void()> _onComplete=NULL)
 Move to a series of pose and over a given time.
void RemovePlugin (const std::string &_name)
 Remove a running plugin.
void SetAmbient (const common::Color &_color)
 Set the ambient color of the visual.
void SetCastShadows (bool _shadows)
 Set whether the visual should cast shadows.
void SetDiffuse (const common::Color &_color)
 Set the diffuse color of the visual.
virtual void SetEmissive (const common::Color &_color)
 Set the emissive value.
void SetHighlighted (bool _highlighted)
 Set the visual to be visually highlighted.
void SetMaterial (const std::string &_materialName, bool _unique=true)
 Set the material.
void SetName (const std::string &_name)
 Set the name of the visual.
void SetNormalMap (const std::string &_nmap)
 Set the normal map.
void SetPose (const math::Pose &_pose)
 Set the pose of the visual.
void SetPosition (const math::Vector3 &_pos)
 Set the position of the visual.
void SetRibbonTrail (bool _value, const common::Color &_initialColor, const common::Color &_changeColor)
 True on or off a ribbon trail.
void SetRotation (const math::Quaternion &_rot)
 Set the rotation of the visual.
void SetScale (const math::Vector3 &_scale)
 Set the scale.
void SetScene (ScenePtr _scene)
 Set current scene.
void SetShaderType (const std::string &_type)
 Set the shader type for the visual's material.
void SetSkeletonPose (const msgs::PoseAnimation &_pose)
 Set animation skeleton pose.
void SetSpecular (const common::Color &_color)
 Set the specular color of the visual.
void SetTransparency (float _trans)
 Set the transparency.
void SetVisibilityFlags (uint32_t _flags)
 Set visibility flags for this visual and all children.
void SetVisible (bool _visible, bool _cascade=true)
 Set whether the visual is visible.
void SetWireframe (bool _show)
 Enable or disable wireframe for this visual.
void SetWorldPose (const math::Pose _pose)
 Set the world pose of the visual.
void SetWorldPosition (const math::Vector3 &_pos)
 Set the world linear position of the visual.
void SetWorldRotation (const math::Quaternion &_rot)
 Set the world orientation of the visual.
void ShowBoundingBox ()
 Display the bounding box visual.
void ShowCollision (bool _show)
 Display the collision visuals.
void ShowCOM (bool _show)
 Display Center of Mass visuals.
void ShowJoints (bool _show)
 Display joint visuals.
void ShowSkeleton (bool _show)
 Display the skeleton visuals.
void ToggleVisible ()
 Toggle whether this visual is visible.
void Update ()
 Update the visual.
void UpdateFromMsg (ConstVisualPtr &_msg)
 Update a visual based on a message.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gazebo::rendering::Visual
static void InsertMesh (const common::Mesh *_mesh, const std::string &_subMesh="", bool _centerSubmesh=false)
 Insert a mesh into Ogre.
- Protected Attributes inherited from gazebo::rendering::Visual
VisualPtr parent
 Parent visual.
ScenePtr scene
 Pointer to the visual's scene.
Ogre::SceneNode * sceneNode
 Pointer to the visual's scene node in Ogre.

Detailed Description

Visualization for RFID tags sensor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gazebo::rendering::RFIDTagVisual::RFIDTagVisual ( const std::string &  _name,
VisualPtr  _vis,
const std::string &  _topicName 


[in]_nameName of the visual.
[in]_visParent visual.
[in]_topicNameName of the topic that publishes RFID data.
See Also
virtual gazebo::rendering::RFIDTagVisual::~RFIDTagVisual ( )


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