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gazebo::common Namespace Reference

Common namespace. More...


class  Animation
 Manages an animation, which is a collection of keyframes and the ability to interpolate between the keyframes. More...
class  AssertionInternalError
 Class for generating Exceptions which come from gazebo assertions. More...
class  BVHLoader
 Handles loading BVH animation files. More...
class  ColladaLoader
 Class used to load Collada mesh files. More...
class  Color
 Defines a color. More...
class  Console
 Message, error, warning functionality. More...
class  Exception
 Class for generating exceptions. More...
class  Image
 Encapsulates an image. More...
class  InternalError
 Class for generating Internal Gazebo Errors: those errors which should never happend and represent programming bugs. More...
class  KeyEvent
 Generic description of a keyboard event. More...
class  KeyFrame
 A key frame in an animation. More...
class  Material
 Encapsulates description of a material. More...
class  Mesh
 A 3D mesh. More...
class  MeshCSG
 Creates CSG meshes. More...
class  MeshLoader
 Base class for loading meshes. More...
class  MeshManager
 Maintains and manages all meshes. More...
class  ModelDatabase
 Connects to model database, and has utility functions to find models. More...
class  MouseEvent
 Generic description of a mouse event. More...
class  NodeAnimation
 Node animation. More...
struct  NodeAssignment
 Vertex to node weighted assignement for skeleton animation visualization. More...
class  NodeTransform
 NodeTransform Skeleton.hh common/common.hh More...
class  NumericAnimation
 A numeric animation. More...
class  NumericKeyFrame
 A keyframe for a NumericAnimation. More...
class  PID
 Generic PID controller class. More...
class  PoseAnimation
 A pose animation. More...
class  PoseKeyFrame
 A keyframe for a PoseAnimation. More...
class  Skeleton
 A skeleton. More...
class  SkeletonAnimation
 Skeleton animation. More...
class  SkeletonNode
 A skeleton node. More...
class  STLLoader
 Class used to load STL mesh files. More...
class  SubMesh
 A child mesh. More...
class  SystemPaths
 Functions to handle getting system paths, keeps track of: More...
class  Time
 A Time class, can be used to hold wall- or sim-time. More...
class  Timer
 A timer class, used to time things in real world walltime. More...
class  UpdateInfo
 Information for use in an update event. More...
class  Video
 Handle video encoding and decoding using libavcodec. More...


typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Animation
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< DiagnosticTimer > 
typedef std::map< unsigned int,
SkeletonNode * > 
typedef std::map< unsigned int,
SkeletonNode * >::iterator 
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< NumericAnimation
typedef std::vector
< common::Param * > 
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< PoseAnimation
typedef std::map< double,
std::vector< NodeTransform > > 
typedef std::vector
< std::vector< std::pair
< std::string, double > > > 
typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef std::map< std::string,
std::string > 


void add_search_path_suffix (const std::string &_suffix)
 add path prefix to common::SystemPaths
std::string find_file (const std::string &_file)
 search for file in common::SystemPaths
std::string find_file (const std::string &_file, bool _searchLocalPath)
 search for file in common::SystemPaths
std::string find_file_path (const std::string &_file)
 search for a file in common::SystemPaths


static std::string PixelFormatNames []
 String names for the pixel formats.

Detailed Description

Common namespace.

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::shared_ptr<Animation> gazebo::common::AnimationPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<DiagnosticTimer> gazebo::common::DiagnosticTimerPtr
typedef std::map<unsigned int, SkeletonNode*> gazebo::common::NodeMap
typedef std::map<unsigned int, SkeletonNode*>::iterator gazebo::common::NodeMapIter
typedef std::vector<common::Param*> gazebo::common::Param_V
typedef boost::shared_ptr<PoseAnimation> gazebo::common::PoseAnimationPtr
typedef std::map<double, std::vector<NodeTransform> > gazebo::common::RawNodeAnim
typedef std::vector<std::vector<std::pair<std::string, double> > > gazebo::common::RawNodeWeights
typedef std::map<std::string, RawNodeAnim> gazebo::common::RawSkeletonAnim
typedef std::map<std::string, std::string> gazebo::common::StrStr_M