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RenderTypes.hh File Reference
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
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namespace  gazebo
 Forward declarations for the common classes.
namespace  gazebo::rendering
 Rendering namespace.


 Render everything visibility mask.
#define GZ_VISIBILITY_GUI   0x00000001
 Render GUI visuals mask.
 Render visuals that are not selectable mask.


typedef ArrowVisual * gazebo::rendering::ArrowVisualPtr
typedef AxisVisual * gazebo::rendering::AxisVisualPtr
typedef Camera * gazebo::rendering::CameraPtr
typedef CameraVisual * gazebo::rendering::CameraVisualPtr
typedef COMVisual * gazebo::rendering::COMVisualPtr
typedef ContactVisual * gazebo::rendering::ContactVisualPtr
typedef DepthCamera * gazebo::rendering::DepthCameraPtr
typedef DynamicLines * gazebo::rendering::DynamicLinesPtr
typedef GpuLaser * gazebo::rendering::GpuLaserPtr
typedef JointVisual * gazebo::rendering::JointVisualPtr
typedef LaserVisual * gazebo::rendering::LaserVisualPtr
typedef Light * gazebo::rendering::LightPtr
typedef RFIDTagVisual * gazebo::rendering::RFIDTagVisualPtr
typedef RFIDVisual * gazebo::rendering::RFIDVisualPtr
typedef Scene * gazebo::rendering::ScenePtr
typedef UserCamera * gazebo::rendering::UserCameraPtr
typedef Visual * gazebo::rendering::VisualPtr


enum  gazebo::rendering::RenderOpType {
  gazebo::rendering::RENDERING_POINT_LIST = 0, gazebo::rendering::RENDERING_LINE_LIST = 1, gazebo::rendering::RENDERING_LINE_STRIP = 2, gazebo::rendering::RENDERING_TRIANGLE_LIST = 3,
  gazebo::rendering::RENDERING_TRIANGLE_STRIP = 4, gazebo::rendering::RENDERING_TRIANGLE_FAN = 5, gazebo::rendering::RENDERING_MESH_RESOURCE = 6
 Type of render operation for a drawable. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


Render everything visibility mask.

#define GZ_VISIBILITY_GUI   0x00000001

Render GUI visuals mask.


Render visuals that are not selectable mask.