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Joint_TEST Class Reference

#include <Joint_TEST.hh>

Public Member Functions

physics::JointPtr SpawnJoint (const std::string &_type, bool _worldChild=false, bool _worldParent=false, common::Time _wait=common::Time(99, 0))
 Spawn a model with a joint connecting to the world.
void SpawnJointTypes (const std::string &_physicsEngine)
 Spawn model with each type of joint.

Protected Member Functions

 Joint_TEST ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Joint_TEST::Joint_TEST ( )

Member Function Documentation

physics::JointPtr Joint_TEST::SpawnJoint ( const std::string &  _type,
bool  _worldChild = false,
bool  _worldParent = false,
common::Time  _wait = common::Time(99, 0) 

Spawn a model with a joint connecting to the world.

The function will wait for duration _wait for the model to spawn and attempt to return a pointer to the spawned joint. This function is not guaranteed to return a valid JointPtr, so the output should be checked.

[in]_typeType of joint to create.
[in]_worldChildFlag to set child link to the world.
[in]_worldParentFlag to set parent link to the world.
[in]_waitLength of time to wait for model to spawn in order to return Joint pointer.

References gazebo::physics::get_world(), gazebo::common::Time::GetWallTime(), gzwarn, gazebo::common::Time::MSleep(), NULL, SDF_VERSION, and gazebo::common::Time::Zero.

void Joint_TEST::SpawnJointTypes ( const std::string &  _physicsEngine)

Spawn model with each type of joint.

[in]_physicsEngineType of physics engine to use.

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