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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
[detail level 123]
oCignition::math::AngleAn angle and related functions
oCignition::math::BoxMathematical representation of a box and related functions
oCstd::exceptionSTL class
|\Cstd::runtime_errorSTL class
| oCignition::math::AffineExceptionIgnition/math/AffineException.hh
| \Cignition::math::IndexExceptionException that is thrown when an out-of-bounds index is encountered
oCignition::math::Filter< T >Filter base class
|oCignition::math::BiQuad< T >Bi-quad filter base class
|\Cignition::math::OnePole< T >A one-pole DSP filter
oCignition::math::Filter< math::Quaterniond >
|\Cignition::math::OnePole< math::Quaterniond >
| \Cignition::math::OnePoleQuaternionOne-pole quaternion filter
oCignition::math::Filter< math::Vector3d >
|oCignition::math::BiQuad< math::Vector3d >
||\Cignition::math::BiQuadVector3BiQuad vector3 filter
|\Cignition::math::OnePole< math::Vector3d >
| \Cignition::math::OnePoleVector3One-pole vector3 filter
oCignition::math::KmeansK-Means clustering algorithm
oCignition::math::Line2< T >A two dimensional line segment
oCignition::math::Matrix3< T >A 3x3 matrix class
oCignition::math::Matrix4< T >A 4x4 matrix class
oCignition::math::Matrix4< double >
oCignition::math::Plane< T >A plane and related functions
oCignition::math::Pose3< T >Encapsulates a position and rotation in three space
oCignition::math::Quaternion< T >A quaternion class
oCignition::math::RandRandom number generator class
oCignition::math::RotationSplineSpline for rotations
oCignition::math::Triangle< T >Triangle class and related functions
oCignition::math::Vector2< T >Two dimensional (x, y) vector
oCignition::math::Vector3< T >The Vector3 class represents the generic vector containing 3 elements
oCignition::math::Vector3< double >
\Cignition::math::Vector4< T >T Generic x, y, z, w vector