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CommonIface.hh File Reference
#include <string>
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namespace  gazebo
 Forward declarations for the common classes.
namespace  gazebo::common
 Common namespace.


void gazebo::common::add_search_path_suffix (const std::string &_suffix)
 add path prefix to common::SystemPaths More...
std::string gazebo::common::find_file (const std::string &_file)
 search for file in common::SystemPaths More...
std::string gazebo::common::find_file (const std::string &_file, bool _searchLocalPath)
 search for file in common::SystemPaths More...
std::string gazebo::common::find_file_path (const std::string &_file)
 search for a file in common::SystemPaths More...
void gazebo::common::load ()
 Load the common library. More...