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A set of rendering related class, functions, and definitions. More...


namespace  gazebo::rendering
 Rendering namespace.


class  gazebo::rendering::ArrowVisual
 Basic arrow visualization. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::AxisVisual
 Basic axis visualization. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Camera
 Basic camera sensor. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::CameraVisual
 Basic camera visualization. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::COMVisual
 Basic Center of Mass visualization. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::ContactVisual
 Contact visualization. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Conversions
 Conversions Conversions.hh rendering/Conversions.hh. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::DepthCamera
 Depth camera used to render depth data into an image buffer. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::DynamicLines
 Class for drawing lines that can change. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::DynamicRenderable
 Abstract base class providing mechanisms for dynamically growing hardware buffers. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Events
 Base class for rendering events. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::FPSViewController
 First Person Shooter style view controller. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::GpuLaser
 GPU based laser distance sensor. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Grid
 Displays a grid of cells, drawn with lines. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::GUIOverlay
 A class that creates a CEGUI overlay on a render window. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Heightmap
 Rendering a terrain using heightmap information. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::JointVisual
 Visualization for joints. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::LaserVisual
 Visualization for laser data. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Light
 A light source. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::MovableText
 Movable text. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::OrbitViewController
 Orbit view controller. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Projector
 Projects a material onto surface, light a light projector. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::RenderEngine
 Adaptor to Ogre3d. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::RFIDTagVisual
 Visualization for RFID tags sensor. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::RFIDVisual
 Visualization for RFID sensor. More...
class  Road
 Used to render a strip of road. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Road2d
class  gazebo::rendering::RTShaderSystem
 Implements Ogre's Run-Time Shader system. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Scene
 Representation of an entire scene graph. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj
 Interactive selection object for models and links. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::SonarVisual
 Visualization for sonar data. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::TransmitterVisual
 Visualization for the wireless propagation data. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::UserCamera
 A camera used for user visualization of a scene. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::VideoVisual
 A visual element that displays a video as a texture. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::ViewController
 Base class for view controllers. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::Visual
 A renderable object. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::WindowManager
 Class to mangage render windows. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::WireBox
 Draws a wireframe box. More...
class  gazebo::rendering::WrenchVisual
 Visualization for sonar data. More...


enum  gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SelectionMode {
  gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SELECTION_NONE = 0, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::TRANS, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::ROT, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SCALE,
  gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::TRANS_X, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::TRANS_Y, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::TRANS_Z, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::ROT_X,
  gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::ROT_Y, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::ROT_Z, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SCALE_X, gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SCALE_Y,


 gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SelectionObj (const std::string &_name, VisualPtr _vis)
 Constructor. More...
virtual gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::~SelectionObj ()
 Deconstructor. More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::Attach (rendering::VisualPtr _vis)
 Attach the selection object to the given visual. More...
rendering::ScenePtr gazebo::rendering::create_scene (const std::string &_name, bool _enableVisualizations, bool _isServer=false)
 create rendering::Scene by name. More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::Detach ()
 Detach the selection object from the current visual. More...
bool gazebo::rendering::fini ()
 teardown rendering engine. More...
rendering::ScenePtr gazebo::rendering::get_scene (const std::string &_name="")
 get pointer to rendering::Scene by name. More...
SelectionMode gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::GetMode ()
 Get the current selection mode. More...
SelectionMode gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::GetState ()
 Get the current selection state. More...
bool gazebo::rendering::init ()
 init rendering engine. More...
bool gazebo::rendering::load ()
 load rendering engine. More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::Load ()
 Load. More...
void gazebo::rendering::remove_scene (const std::string &_name)
 remove a rendering::Scene by name More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetGlobal (bool _global)
 Set selection object to ignore local transforms. More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetMode (const std::string &_mode)
 Set the manipulation mode. More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetMode (SelectionMode _mode)
 Set the selection mode. More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetState (const std::string &_state)
 Set state by highlighting the corresponding selection object visual. More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetState (SelectionMode _state)
 Set state by highlighting the corresponding selection object visual. More...
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::UpdateSize ()
 Update selection object size to match the parent visual. More...

Detailed Description

A set of rendering related class, functions, and definitions.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Translation in x.


Translation mode.


Rotation mode.


Scale mode.


Translation in x.


Translation in y.


Translation in z.


Rotation in x.


Rotation in y.


Rotation in z.


Scale in x.


Scale in y.


Scale in z.

Function Documentation

gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SelectionObj ( const std::string &  _name,
VisualPtr  _vis 


[in]_nameName of selection object.
[in]_visParent visual that the selection object is attached to.
virtual gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::~SelectionObj ( )


void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::Attach ( rendering::VisualPtr  _vis)

Attach the selection object to the given visual.

[in]_visPointer to visual to which the selection object will be attached.
rendering::ScenePtr gazebo::rendering::create_scene ( const std::string &  _name,
bool  _enableVisualizations,
bool  _isServer = false 

create rendering::Scene by name.

[in]_nameName of the scene to create.
[in]_enableVisualizationsTrue enables visualization elements such as laser lines.
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::Detach ( )

Detach the selection object from the current visual.

bool gazebo::rendering::fini ( )

teardown rendering engine.

rendering::ScenePtr gazebo::rendering::get_scene ( const std::string &  _name = "")

get pointer to rendering::Scene by name.

[in]_nameName of the scene to retreive.
SelectionMode gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::GetMode ( )

Get the current selection mode.

SelectionMode gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::GetState ( )

Get the current selection state.

bool gazebo::rendering::init ( )

init rendering engine.

bool gazebo::rendering::load ( )

load rendering engine.

void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::Load ( )


Reimplemented from gazebo::rendering::Visual.

void gazebo::rendering::remove_scene ( const std::string &  _name)

remove a rendering::Scene by name

[in]_nameThe name of the scene to remove.
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetGlobal ( bool  _global)

Set selection object to ignore local transforms.

[in]_globalTrue to set the visuals to be in global frame.
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetMode ( const std::string &  _mode)

Set the manipulation mode.

[in]_modeManipulation mode in string: translate rotate, scale.
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetMode ( SelectionMode  _mode)

Set the selection mode.

_name Selection mode: TRANS, ROT, SCALE.

void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetState ( const std::string &  _state)

Set state by highlighting the corresponding selection object visual.

[in]_stateSelection state in string format.
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::SetState ( SelectionMode  _state)

Set state by highlighting the corresponding selection object visual.

[in]_stateSelection state.
See Also
void gazebo::rendering::SelectionObj::UpdateSize ( )

Update selection object size to match the parent visual.