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Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCgazebo::math::AngleAn angle and related functions
oCgazebo::common::AnimationManages an animation, which is a collection of keyframes and the ability to interpolate between the keyframes
oCgazebo::common::AudioDecoderAn audio decoder based on FFMPEG
oCgazebo::math::BoxMathematical representation of a box and related functions
oCgazebo::common::BVHLoaderHandles loading BVH animation files
oCgazebo::transport::CallbackHelperA helper class to handle callbacks when messages arrive
oCgazebo::common::ColorDefines a color
oCgazebo::event::ConnectionA class that encapsulates a connection
oCgazebo::physics::ContactA contact between two collisions
oCgazebo::physics::ContactManagerAggregates all the contact information generated by the collision detection engine
oCgazebo::physics::ContactPublisherA custom contact publisher created for each contact filter in the Contact Manager
oCgazebo::rendering::ConversionsConversions Conversions.hh rendering/Conversions.hh
oCgazebo::event::EventBase class for all events
oCgazebo::rendering::EventsBase class for rendering events
oCgazebo::event::EventsAn Event class to get notifications for simulator events
oCgazebo::common::ExceptionClass for generating exceptions
oCgazebo::rendering::GridDisplays a grid of cells, drawn with lines
oCgazebo::physics::GripperA gripper abstraction
oCgazebo::rendering::GUIOverlayA class that creates a CEGUI overlay on a render window
oCgazebo::rendering::HeightmapRendering a terrain using heightmap information
oCgazebo::common::ImageEncapsulates an image
oCgazebo::physics::InertialA class for inertial information about a link
oCgazebo::transport::IOManagerManages boost::asio IO
oCgazebo::physics::JointControllerA class for manipulating physics::Joint
oCgazebo::physics::JointWrenchWrench information from a joint
oCgazebo::common::KeyEventGeneric description of a keyboard event
oCgazebo::common::KeyFrameA key frame in an animation
oCgazebo::rendering::LightA light source
oCLogplayOpen and playback log files that were recorded using LogRecord
oCgazebo::MasterA ROS Master-like manager that directs gztopic connections, enables each gazebo network client to locate one another for peer-to-peer communication
oCgazebo::common::MaterialEncapsulates description of a material
oCgazebo::math::Matrix3A 3x3 matrix class
oCgazebo::math::Matrix4A 3x3 matrix class
oCgazebo::common::MeshA 3D mesh
oCgazebo::common::MeshCSGCreates CSG meshes
oCgazebo::common::MeshLoaderBase class for loading meshes
oCgazebo::common::MouseEventGeneric description of a mouse event
oCgazebo::msgs::MsgFactoryA factory that generates protobuf message based on a string type
oCgazebo::common::NodeAnimationNode animation
oCgazebo::common::NodeAssignmentVertex to node weighted assignement for skeleton animation visualization
oCgazebo::common::NodeTransformNodeTransform Skeleton.hh common/common.hh
oCgazebo::sensors::NoiseNoise models for sensor output signals
oCgazebo::util::OpenALSinkOpenAL Listener
oCgazebo::util::OpenALSourceOpenAL Source
oCgazebo::common::ParamT< T >
oCgazebo::physics::PhysicsEngineBase class for a physics engine
oCgazebo::physics::PhysicsFactoryThe physics factory instantiates different physics engines
oCgazebo::common::PIDGeneric PID controller class
oCgazebo::math::PlaneA plane and related functions
oCgazebo::PluginT< T >A class which all plugins must inherit from
oCgazebo::PluginT< ModelPlugin >
oCgazebo::PluginT< SensorPlugin >
oCgazebo::PluginT< SystemPlugin >
oCgazebo::PluginT< VisualPlugin >
oCgazebo::PluginT< WorldPlugin >
oCgazebo::math::PoseEncapsulates a position and rotation in three space
oCgazebo::rendering::ProjectorProjects a material onto surface, light a light projector
oCgazebo::transport::PublicationA publication for a topic
oCgazebo::transport::PublisherA publisher of messages on a topic
oCgazebo::math::QuaternionA quaternion class
oCgazebo::math::RandRandom number generator class
oCRoadUsed to render a strip of road
oCgazebo::math::RotationSplineSpline for rotations
oCSensorFactorThe sensor factory; the class is just for namespacing purposes
oCSingletonT< T >Singleton template class
oCSingletonT< ConnectionManager >
oCSingletonT< Console >
oCSingletonT< DiagnosticManager >
oCSingletonT< LogPlay >
oCSingletonT< LogRecord >
oCSingletonT< MeshManager >
oCSingletonT< ModelDatabase >
oCSingletonT< OpenAL >
oCSingletonT< RenderEngine >
oCSingletonT< RTShaderSystem >
oCSingletonT< SensorManager >
oCSingletonT< SystemPaths >
oCSingletonT< TopicManager >
oCgazebo::common::SkeletonA skeleton
oCgazebo::common::SkeletonAnimationSkeleton animation
oCgazebo::common::SkeletonNodeA skeleton node
oCJoint_TEST::SpawnJointOptionsClass to hold parameters for spawning joints
oCgazebo::common::SphericalCoordinatesConvert spherical coordinates for planetary surfaces
oCgazebo::physics::StateState of an entity
oCgazebo::common::SubMeshA child mesh
oCgazebo::transport::SubscribeOptionsOptions for a subscription
oCgazebo::transport::SubscriberA subscriber to a topic
oCgazebo::physics::SurfaceParamsSurfaceParams defines various Surface contact parameters
oCgazebo::common::TimeA Time class, can be used to hold wall- or sim-time
oCgazebo::common::TimerA timer class, used to time things in real world walltime
oCgazebo::common::UpdateInfoInformation for use in an update event
oCgazebo::math::Vector2dGeneric double x, y vector
oCgazebo::math::Vector2iGeneric integer x, y vector
oCgazebo::math::Vector3Generic vector containing 3 elements
oCgazebo::math::Vector4Double Generic x, y, z, w vector
oCgazebo::common::VideoHandle video encoding and decoding using libavcodec
oCgazebo::rendering::ViewControllerBase class for view controllers
oCgazebo::rendering::WindowManagerClass to mangage render windows
oCgazebo::rendering::WireBoxDraws a wireframe box