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gazebo::Server Class Reference

#include <Server.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Server ()
virtual ~Server ()
void Fini ()
bool GetInitialized () const
void Init ()
bool LoadFile (const std::string &_filename="worlds/", const std::string &_physics="")
 Load a world file and optionally override physics engine type. More...
bool LoadString (const std::string &_sdfString)
bool ParseArgs (int argc, char **argv)
bool PreLoad ()
 Preload the server. More...
void PrintUsage ()
void Run ()
void SetParams (const common::StrStr_M &params)
void Stop ()

Public Attributes

int systemPluginsArgc
char ** systemPluginsArgv

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gazebo::Server::Server ( )
virtual gazebo::Server::~Server ( )

Member Function Documentation

void gazebo::Server::Fini ( )
bool gazebo::Server::GetInitialized ( ) const
void gazebo::Server::Init ( )
bool gazebo::Server::LoadFile ( const std::string &  _filename = "worlds/",
const std::string &  _physics = "" 

Load a world file and optionally override physics engine type.

[in]_filenameName of the world file to load.
[in]_physicsType of physics engine to use (ode|bullet|simbody).
bool gazebo::Server::LoadString ( const std::string &  _sdfString)
bool gazebo::Server::ParseArgs ( int  argc,
char **  argv 
bool gazebo::Server::PreLoad ( )

Preload the server.

True if load was successful.
void gazebo::Server::PrintUsage ( )
void gazebo::Server::Run ( )
void gazebo::Server::SetParams ( const common::StrStr_M params)
void gazebo::Server::Stop ( )

Member Data Documentation

int gazebo::Server::systemPluginsArgc
char** gazebo::Server::systemPluginsArgv

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