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gazebo::sensors Namespace Reference

Sensors namespace. More...


class  CameraSensor
class  ContactSensor
class  DepthCameraSensor
class  GpuRaySensor
class  ImuSensor
 An IMU sensor. More...
class  RaySensor
class  RFIDSensor
 Sensor class for RFID type of sensor. More...
class  RFIDTag
 RFIDTag to interact with RFIDTagSensors Nate check. More...
class  RFIDTagManager
 Nate fill in More...
class  Sensor
class  SensorFactory
class  SensorManager
 Class to manage and update all sensors. More...


typedef std::vector
< CameraSensorPtr
typedef CameraSensorCameraSensorPtr
typedef std::vector
< ContactSensorPtr
typedef ContactSensorContactSensorPtr
typedef std::vector
< DepthCameraSensorPtr
typedef DepthCameraSensorDepthCameraSensorPtr
typedef std::vector
< GpuRaySensorPtr
typedef GpuRaySensorGpuRaySensorPtr
typedef std::vector< RaySensorPtrRaySensor_V
typedef RaySensorRaySensorPtr
typedef std::vector< RFIDSensorRFIDSensor_V
typedef RFIDSensorRFIDSensorPtr
typedef std::vector< RFIDTagRFIDTag_V
typedef RFIDTagRFIDTagPtr
typedef std::vector< SensorPtrSensor_V
typedef Sensor *(* SensorFactoryFn )()
typedef SensorSensorPtr


std::string create_sensor (sdf::ElementPtr _elem, const std::string &_worldName, const std::string &_parentName)
 Create a sensor using SDF.
bool fini ()
 shutdown the sensor generation loop.
SensorPtr get_sensor (const std::string &_name)
 Get a sensor using by name.
bool init ()
 initialize the sensor generation loop.
bool load ()
void remove_sensor (const std::string &_sensorName)
 Remove a sensor by name.
bool remove_sensors ()
 Remove all sensors.
void run ()
 Run sensor generation continuously. This is a blocking call.
void run_once (bool _force=true)
 Run the sensor generation one step.
void stop ()
 Stop the sensor generation loop.

Detailed Description

Sensors namespace.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<RFIDTag> gazebo::sensors::RFIDTag_V
typedef std::vector<SensorPtr> gazebo::sensors::Sensor_V
typedef Sensor*(* gazebo::sensors::SensorFactoryFn)()