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gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor Class Reference

Sensor for measure force and torque on a joint. More...

#include <sensors/sensors.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor:
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Public Member Functions

 ForceTorqueSensor ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~ForceTorqueSensor ()
 Destructor. More...
template<typename T >
event::ConnectionPtr ConnectUpdate (T _subscriber)
 Connect a to the update signal. More...
void DisconnectUpdate (event::ConnectionPtr &_conn)
 Disconnect from the update signal. More...
math::Vector3 GetForce () const
 Get the current joint force. More...
virtual std::string GetTopic () const
 Returns the topic name as set in SDF. More...
math::Vector3 GetTorque () const
 Get the current joint torque. More...
virtual void Init ()
 Initialize the sensor. More...
virtual bool IsActive ()
 Returns true if sensor generation is active. More...
virtual void Load (const std::string &_worldName)
 Load the sensor with default parameters. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gazebo::sensors::Sensor
 Sensor (SensorCategory _cat)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Sensor ()
 Destructor. More...
template<typename T >
event::ConnectionPtr ConnectUpdated (T _subscriber)
 Connect a signal that is triggered when the sensor is updated. More...
void DisconnectUpdated (event::ConnectionPtr &_c)
 Disconnect from a the updated signal. More...
void FillMsg (msgs::Sensor &_msg)
 fills a msgs::Sensor message. More...
SensorCategory GetCategory () const
 Get the category of the sensor. More...
uint32_t GetId () const
 Get the sensor's ID. More...
common::Time GetLastMeasurementTime ()
 Return last measurement time. More...
common::Time GetLastUpdateTime ()
 Return last update time. More...
std::string GetName () const
 Get name. More...
uint32_t GetParentId () const
 Get the sensor's parent's ID. More...
std::string GetParentName () const
 Returns the name of the sensor parent. More...
virtual math::Pose GetPose () const
 Get the current pose. More...
std::string GetScopedName () const
 Get fully scoped name of the sensor. More...
std::string GetType () const
 Get sensor type. More...
double GetUpdateRate ()
 Get the update rate of the sensor. More...
bool GetVisualize () const
 Return true if user requests the sensor to be visualized via tag: <visualize>true</visualize> in SDF. More...
std::string GetWorldName () const
 Returns the name of the world the sensor is in. More...
virtual void Load (const std::string &_worldName, sdf::ElementPtr _sdf)
 Load the sensor with SDF parameters. More...
void ResetLastUpdateTime ()
 Reset the lastUpdateTime to zero. More...
virtual void SetActive (bool _value)
 Set whether the sensor is active or not. More...
virtual void SetParent (const std::string &_name) GAZEBO_DEPRECATED(1.10)
 Set the parent of the sensor. More...
void SetParent (const std::string &_name, uint32_t _id)
 Set the sensor's parent. More...
void SetUpdateRate (double _hz)
 Set the update rate of the sensor. More...
void Update (bool _force)
 Update the sensor. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Fini ()
 Finalize the sensor. More...
virtual void UpdateImpl (bool _force)
 This gets overwritten by derived sensor types. More...

Protected Attributes

event::EventT< void(msgs::WrenchStamped)> update
 Update event. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from gazebo::sensors::Sensor
bool active
 True if sensor generation is active. More...
std::vector< event::ConnectionPtrconnections
 All event connections. More...
common::Time lastMeasurementTime
 Stores last time that a sensor measurement was generated; this value must be updated within each sensor's UpdateImpl. More...
common::Time lastUpdateTime
 Time of the last update. More...
boost::mutex mutexLastUpdateTime
 Mutex to protect resetting lastUpdateTime. More...
transport::NodePtr node
 Node for communication. More...
uint32_t parentId
 The sensor's parent ID. More...
std::string parentName
 Name of the parent. More...
std::vector< SensorPluginPtrplugins
 All the plugins for the sensor. More...
math::Pose pose
 Pose of the sensor. More...
transport::SubscriberPtr poseSub
 Subscribe to pose updates. More...
gazebo::rendering::ScenePtr scene
 Pointer to the Scene. More...
sdf::ElementPtr sdf
 Pointer the the SDF element for the sensor. More...
common::Time updatePeriod
 Desired time between updates, set indirectly by Sensor::SetUpdateRate. More...
gazebo::physics::WorldPtr world
 Pointer to the world. More...

Detailed Description

Sensor for measure force and torque on a joint.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::ForceTorqueSensor ( )


virtual gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::~ForceTorqueSensor ( )


Member Function Documentation

template<typename T >
event::ConnectionPtr gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::ConnectUpdate ( _subscriber)

Connect a to the update signal.

[in]_subscriberCallback function.
The connection, which must be kept in scope.

References gazebo::event::EventT< T >::Connect(), and update.

void gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::DisconnectUpdate ( event::ConnectionPtr _conn)

Disconnect from the update signal.

[in]_connConnection to remove.

References gazebo::event::EventT< T >::Disconnect(), and update.

virtual void gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::Fini ( )

Finalize the sensor.

Reimplemented from gazebo::sensors::Sensor.

math::Vector3 gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::GetForce ( ) const

Get the current joint force.

The latested measured force.
virtual std::string gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::GetTopic ( ) const

Returns the topic name as set in SDF.

Topic name.

Reimplemented from gazebo::sensors::Sensor.

math::Vector3 gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::GetTorque ( ) const

Get the current joint torque.

The latested measured torque.
virtual void gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::Init ( )

Initialize the sensor.

Reimplemented from gazebo::sensors::Sensor.

virtual bool gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::IsActive ( )

Returns true if sensor generation is active.

True if active, false if not.

Reimplemented from gazebo::sensors::Sensor.

virtual void gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::Load ( const std::string &  _worldName)

Load the sensor with default parameters.

[in]_worldNameName of world to load from.

Reimplemented from gazebo::sensors::Sensor.

virtual void gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::UpdateImpl ( bool  )

This gets overwritten by derived sensor types.

   This function is called during Sensor::Update.
   And in turn, Sensor::Update is called by
[in]_forceTrue if update is forced, false if not

Reimplemented from gazebo::sensors::Sensor.

Member Data Documentation

event::EventT<void(msgs::WrenchStamped)> gazebo::sensors::ForceTorqueSensor::update

Update event.

Referenced by ConnectUpdate(), and DisconnectUpdate().

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