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 NgazeboForward declarations for the common classes
 NcommonCommon namespace
 NeventEvent namespace
 NguiGui namespace
 NmathMath namespace
 NmsgsMessages namespace
 NphysicsNamespace for physics
 NrenderingRendering namespace
 NsensorsSensors namespace
 CActuatorPluginPlugin for simulating a torque-speed curve for actuators
 CActuatorPropertiesProperties for a model of a rotational actuator
 CBreakableJointPluginA plugin for breakable joints, based on a ForceTorque sensor plugin
 CBuoyancyPluginA plugin that simulates buoyancy of an object immersed in fluid
 CCartDemoPluginThis plugin drives a four wheeled cart model forward and back by applying a small wheel torque
 CCessnaGUIPluginA GUI plugin that controls the Cessna model using the keyboard
 CCessnaPluginAllow moving the control surfaces of a Cessna C-172 plane
 CContactPluginA plugin for a contact sensor
 CElevatorPluginPlugin to control a elevator
 CEventSourceThe base class for emitting SimEvents
 CFollowerPluginA simple object follower that finds the closest object in a depth image and commands a differential drive vehicle to move towards the object
 CForceTorquePluginAn base class plugin for custom force torque sensor processing
 CGUIPluginA plugin loaded within the gzclient on startup
 CImuSensorPluginAn base class plugin for custom imu sensor processing
 CInRegionEventSourceThe event generator class
 CJointEventSourceThe event generator class
 CLiftDragPluginA plugin that simulates lift and drag
 CLinearBatteryConsumerPluginA plugin that manages a linear battery consumer
 CLinearBatteryPluginA plugin that simulates a linear battery
 CMasterA manager that directs topic connections, enables each gazebo network client to locate one another for peer-to-peer communication
 CModelPluginA plugin with access to physics::Model
 CModelPropShopThis plugin will generate 5 pictures of a model: perspective, top, front, side, back
 COccupiedEventSourceA plugin that transmits a message when an in-region event occurs
 CPluginTA class which all plugins must inherit from
 CPressurePluginA plugin for a tactile pressure sensor
 CRandomVelocityPluginPlugin that applies a random velocity to a linke periodically
 CRayPluginA Ray Sensor Plugin
 CRaySensorNoisePluginA Ray Sensor Noise Plugin
 CRegionA region, made of a list of boxes
 CRegionEventBoxPluginA plugin that fires an event when another model enters the region defined by the size of this model's box visual
 CRestApiREST interface
 CRestUiPluginREST user interface plugin
 CRestUiWidgetREST user interface widget
 CRestWebPluginREST web plugin
 CSensorPluginA plugin with access to physics::Sensor
 CSimEventConnectorGazebo events to detect model creation/deletion
 CSimStateEventSourceSimEvent that fires when the simulation is paused/resumed
 CSkidSteerDrivePluginA gazebo model plugin that controls a four wheel skid-steer robot via a gazebo topic
 CSonarPluginA sonar sensor plugin
 CSystemPluginA plugin loaded within the gzserver on startup
 CTimerGUIPluginA GUI plugin that displays a timer
 CTransporterPluginA plugin that allows models to transport (teleport) to a new location
 CVisualPluginA plugin loaded within the gzserver on startup
 CVolumePropertiesA class for storing the volume properties of a link
 CWindPluginA plugin that simulates a simple wind model
 CWorldPluginA plugin with access to physics::World
 CDEMEncapsulates a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) file
 CgzBtUniversalConstraintFunctions that implement a universal joint/constraint using bullet
 CLogplayOpen and playback log files that were recorded using LogRecord
 CQTestFixtureBase class for all Gazebo GUI unit tests
 CRoadUsed to render a strip of road
 CSensorFactorThe sensor factory; the class is just for namespacing purposes
 CSingletonTSingleton template class