Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCActuatorPropertiesProperties for a model of a rotational actuator
oCAnimationManages an animation, which is a collection of keyframes and the ability to interpolate between the keyframes
oCAtmosphereThis models a base atmosphere class to serve as a common interface to any derived atmosphere models
oCAtmosphereFactoryThe atmosphere factory instantiates different atmosphere models
oCAudioDecoderAn audio decoder based on FFMPEG
oCBuildingMakerCreate and manage 3D visuals of a building
oCBulletMeshTriangle mesh collision helper class
oCBulletTypesA set of functions for converting between the math types used by gazebo and bullet
oCBVHLoaderHandles loading BVH animation files
oCCallbackHelperA helper class to handle callbacks when messages arrive
oCCameraLensDescribes a lens of a camera as amapping function of type r = c1*f*fun(theta/c2+c3)
oCColorDefines a color
oCConnectionA class that encapsulates a connection
oCConsoleContainer for loggers, and global logging options (such as verbose vs
oCContactA contact between two collisions
oCContactManagerAggregates all the contact information generated by the collision detection engine
oCContactPublisherA custom contact publisher created for each contact filter in the Contact Manager
oCConversionsConversions Conversions.hh rendering/Conversions.hh
oCConversionsConversions Conversions.hh gui/Conversions.hh
oCDARTMeshTriangle mesh collision helper class
oCDARTTypesA set of functions for converting between the math types used by gazebo and dart
oCDEMEncapsulates a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) file
oCDistortionCamera distortion based on the Brown-Conrady model
oCEditorMaterialSwitcherMaterial switcher for the model editor used to toggle the material of the model
oCEntityMakerTo make an entity, base class
oCEventBase class for all events
oCEventsBase class for rendering events
oCEventsAn Event class to get notifications for simulator events
oCEventSourceThe base class for emitting SimEvents
oCExceptionClass for generating exceptions
oCexceptionSTL class
oCFrictionPyramidParameters used for friction pyramid model
oCGpuLaserDataStruct containing info about a single ray measurement
oCGpuLaserDataIterator< F >Const Bidirectional iterator for laser data
oCGridDisplays a grid of cells, drawn with lines
oCGripperA gripper abstraction
oCGTSMeshUtilsCreates GTS utilities for meshes
oCHeightmapRendering a terrain using heightmap information
oCHeightmapDataEncapsulates a generic heightmap data file
oCHeightmapDataLoaderHelper class for loading heightmap data
oCImageEncapsulates an image
oCInertialA class for inertial information about a link
oCIntrospectionClientAddtogroup gazebo_util
oCIntrospectionCurveHandlerManages and updates curves based on introspection data
oCIOManagerManages boost::asio IO
oCios_baseSTL class
oCJointControllerA class for manipulating physics::Joint
oCJointWrenchWrench information from a joint
oCKeyEventGeneric description of a keyboard event
oCKeyFrameA key frame in an animation
oCKeyInfoStore information from SDF for each key
oCLensFlareCamera lens flare compositor
oCLevelA convenient structure for storing level information
oCLogplayOpen and playback log files that were recorded using LogRecord
oCLogRecordParamsLog recording parameters
oCMasterA manager that directs topic connections, enables each gazebo network client to locate one another for peer-to-peer communication
oCMaterialEncapsulates description of a material
oCMaterialDensityEncapsulates density types
oCMeshA 3D mesh
oCMeshCSGCreates CSG meshes
oCMeshExporterBase class for exporting meshes
oCMeshLoaderBase class for loading meshes
oCMEUserCmdClass which represents a user command, which can be "undone" and "redone"
oCMouseEventGeneric description of a mouse event
oCMovingWindowFilter< T >Base class for MovingWindowFilter
oCMsgFactoryA factory that generates protobuf message based on a string type
oCNestedModelDataHelper class to store nested models data
oCNodeAnimationNode animation
oCNodeAssignmentVertex to node weighted assignement for skeleton animation visualization
oCNodeTransformNodeTransform Skeleton.hh common/common.hh
oCNoiseNoise models for sensor output signals
oCNoiseFactoryUse this noise manager for creating and loading noise models
oCArrangePlugin::ObjectClass to store info about each object
oCODEMeshTriangle mesh helper class
oCParamT< T >
oCPhysicsEngineBase class for a physics engine
oCPhysicsFactoryThe physics factory instantiates different physics engines
oCPIDGeneric PID controller class
oCPlotCurvePlot Curve data
oCPluginT< T >A class which all plugins must inherit from
oCPluginT< GUIPlugin >
oCPluginT< ModelPlugin >
oCPluginT< SensorPlugin >
oCPluginT< SystemPlugin >
oCPluginT< VisualPlugin >
oCPluginT< WorldPlugin >
oCPopulationClass that automatically populates an environment with multiple objects based on several parameters to define the number of objects, shape of the object distribution or type of distribution
oCPopulationParamsStores all the posible parameters that define a population
oCPresetRepresentation of a preset physics profile
oCPresetManagerClass to manage preset physics profiles
oCProjectorProjects a material onto surface, light a light projector
oCPublicationA publication for a topic
oCPublisherA publisher of messages on a topic
oCRayQueryA Ray Query class used for retrieving mesh data of a visual, adapted from Ogre3D wiki
oCRegionA region, made of a list of boxes
oCRestApiREST interface
oCRoadUsed to render a strip of road
oCSemanticVersionVersion comparison class based on Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 Compares versions and converts versions from string
oCSensorFactorThe sensor factory; the class is just for namespacing purposes
oCSimbodyMeshTriangle mesh collision helper class
oCSimEventConnectorGazebo events to detect model creation/deletion
oCSingletonT< T >Singleton template class
oCSingletonT< ConnectionManager >
oCSingletonT< DiagnosticManager >
oCSingletonT< FuelModelDatabase >
oCSingletonT< IntrospectionManager >
oCSingletonT< LogPlay >
oCSingletonT< LogRecord >
oCSingletonT< MeshManager >
oCSingletonT< ModelAlign >
oCSingletonT< ModelDatabase >
oCSingletonT< ModelManipulator >
oCSingletonT< ModelSnap >
oCSingletonT< PlotManager >
oCSingletonT< RenderEngine >
oCSingletonT< RTShaderSystem >
oCSingletonT< SensorManager >
oCSingletonT< SystemPaths >
oCSingletonT< TopicManager >
oCSkeletonA skeleton
oCSkeletonAnimationSkeleton animation
oCSkeletonNodeA skeleton node
oCSpaceNavInterface to the space navigator joystick
oCSphericalCoordinatesConvert spherical coordinates for planetary surfaces
oCStateState of an entity
oCSubMeshA child mesh
oCSubscribeOptionsOptions for a subscription
oCSubscriberA subscriber to a topic
oCSurfaceParamsSurfaceParams defines various Surface contact parameters
oCSVGCommandSVG command data structure
oCSVGLoaderA loader for SVG files
oCSVGPathAn SVG path element data structure
oCTimeA Time class, can be used to hold wall- or sim-time
oCTimerA timer class, used to time things in real world walltime
oCTopicCurveHandlerManages and updates curves based on topic data
oCTrajectoryInfoInformation about a trajectory for an Actor
oCUpdateInfoInformation for use in an update event
oCURIA complete URI
oCURIPathThe path component of a URI
oCURIQueryThe query component of a URI
oCUserCmdClass which represents a user command, which can be "undone" and "redone"
oCUserCmdManagerManages user commands from the server side
oCVideoHandle video encoding and decoding using libavcodec
oCVideoEncoderSupports encoding a series of images to a video format, and then writing the video to disk
oCViewControllerBase class for view controllers
oCViewFactoryThe view factory creates GUI widgets to visualize data on a topic
oCVolumePropertiesA class for storing the volume properties of a link
oCWindBase class for wind
oCWindowManagerClass to mangage render windows
oCWireBoxDraws a wireframe box